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Rosenblum Vying for Mayor in Mam’k Village

rosenblumNorman S. Rosenblum has announced his campaign to run for the office of Village of Mamaroneck mayor.

Mr. Rosenblum stated: “It is abundantly clear that the residents of the Village of Mamaroneck are unhappy with the performance of the current mayor. The voters in the 2007 mayoral election expected a change from the performance and demeanor of the prior mayoral administration. This has not occurred during the past two years. The morale of the Village employees and administrative offices are at an all time low.” Mr. Rosenblum further noted that “There is a broad dissatisfaction with the lack of interaction with the resident advisory groups which the mayor has chosen to ignore and seemingly taken a ‘My way or the highway approach’ to her policy decisions resulting in a withdrawal of community participation and confidence.”

The voters of the Village have not received the promised transparency missing from the prior mayoral administration and strikingly absent from this mayor’s administration.

Mr. Rosenblum has been a constant presence during the past two years at most Board of Trustees meetings as well as those of all Village volunteer boards and commissions.

The level of frustration within these various boards and commissions is apparent because the lack of acknowledgement and disregard of their suggestions, and Mr. Rosenblum stated this must be changed in order to take full advantage of the most valuable asset the Village enjoys - that being the immeasurable depth of experience and knowledge of its residents and volunteers.

Mr. Rosenblum noted he had been contacted, in the past several months, by numerous individuals and groups that expressed support for his active presence at the board meetings and suggested he run for mayor.

” Now is the time for the residents and the voters of the Village of Mamaroneck to take back control of the Village from backroom politicians and dictatorial mentalities. My campaign for the office of mayor will be as an independent candidate with out the obligations or pressures of political cronyism. I will be beholden only to the voters and all the residents of the Village, ” said Mr. Rosenblum. ”We are now experiencing a financial crisis that is unrivaled since our fathers and grandfathers being subject to the Great Depression. The fact of the matter is most residents have concerns about their 401K’s or IRA’s being at less than half the value from a year ago and the fears of job stability. The last thing they need is an unresponsive local government. The time has come to make a definitive statement to these politicians that the government belongs to the people and is only entrusted to the elected


“I will champion of the basic democratic ideals for which the voters are entitled. I will discuss, during this campaign in the ensuing months, in an open fashion, questions and policies that are on the minds of all residents. Those include but not limited to:

  1. Flood Mitigation.
  2. Retraction of the democratic process and public participation at Village Board meetings.
  3. Federal, State and local immigration and day labor policy and the impact on the Village.
  4. FOIL policy and the absolute right of the citizens to have access to all information that is not restricted by law.

“The previous mayor and the current mayor have created an atmosphere that is not conducive for honest and open discussion of these vital local subjects. I will foster the open exchange of ideas with suggestions, as a starter point, and have a debate where people talk to each other instead of at each other, as has not been offered in the past. There are no single answers for these subjects however, there is the correct forum to allow the Village to move ahead with broad input by all factions.


Mr. Rosenblum is a third generation resident of the Village, a former Village Trustee and member of the Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Rye. He is currently the chairman of the Village Tree Committee.

Mr. Rosenblum is the manager of military and civilian OEM contracts for Safe Flight Instrument Corporation, an avionics manufacturer in White Plains, New York. He is also an active member of the FDNY NASCAR Race team. He lives in Rye Neck with his fiancée Cindy Stembel.

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1 comment to Rosenblum Vying for Mayor in Mam’k Village

  • This Village needs a change. The current administration must go. I want two signs for my lawn to get the message out. Somebody, please, forward me a telephone number for the individual(s) who have these signs. I want to pick them up today.