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Protesters Descend on Bronx Senator Espada’s Mamaroneck Home

As reported by Lou Young on, Mamaroneck Village was the site of a protest  by Democrats looking to oust one of their own – New York Senator Pedro Espada, who represents a Bronx district but owns a house in Mamaroneck:

Democratic activists descended on the Mamaroneck home of besieged Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Saturday in an open challenge to get him out of office.

The bus rolled in from the Bronx on a suburban field trip of sorts, a political demonstration at the out-of-his-district home of State Senator Pedro Espada.

Standing at the home on Beechwood Drive in Mamaroneck, they called for his political scalp. Read the rest of the story….

Protestors marched along Fenimore Road and gathered outside the Mamaroneck home of Senator Pedro Espada, who represents a Bronx district. Photo posted online by the protest organizers.

Senator Suzi Oppenheimer, who represents Mamaroneck Village and the surrounding district that includes Larchmont, has not commented on Espada’s many legal troubles other than to say that the judicial system is the correct venue for addressing these concerns.

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12 comments to Protesters Descend on Bronx Senator Espada’s Mamaroneck Home

  • OhComeOn

    It would be so helpful if we could translate this story.

    • It’s easy to get a translation of this or any webpage, using Google Translate. Copy the full URL of the article and go to and paste in the URL, then choose which language to translate from, into which language. The result is not always perfect, but gives you the gist of the story. Here’s what I got:

      Como se informó por Lou Young en , Mamaroneck Village fue el sitio de una protesta por los demócratas que buscan expulsar a uno de los suyos – Nueva York El senador Pedro Espada, quien representa a un distrito del Bronx, pero posee una casa en Mamaroneck:

      Senador Suzi Oppenheimer, quien representa a Mamaroneck Village y el distrito de los alrededores que incluye Larchmont, no se ha pronunciado sobre muchos problemas legales de Espada, aparte de decir que el sistema judicial es el lugar correcto para hacer frente a estas preocupaciones.

      • Scratching my head

        In this day and age, does any one need to be instructed on “cutting and pasting” a URL? Wouldn’t it be smarter to just say, “here’s the URL to use for translations on Google”?

        I think the rudimentary habit of telling people to “cut and then paste it into your browser” is like telling someone to “hit the on button and point the remote at the cable box before switching the channels”

        IMHO, some things in life are better left …..presumed.

    • Mariana Boneo

      Would have liked to translate it if I had had the time…
      I recognize the spirit of your comment here from similar responses to articles in other online news media…no constructive point in the comment

  • catherine

    Suzi is being her ladylike self but Espada is despised by the other Senators. Even the ones that are using him for their own benefit. What a sad excuse for a public servant.

  • Reader

    I really wish the Senators, Democratic and Republican, would publicly renounce Senator Sushi. The fact that he is willing to play both sides for his vote has them giving in to him and his wishes. It’s a sad day for politics in NY each time he gets the microphone.

  • catherine

    I hear your frustration Reader, but I think those efforts are going on behind closed doors. He is still the Majority Leader, no matter how scuzzy the way he became that, and can cause money for our district to disappear.

  • leader

    I am not sure that not taking position after having supported the democratic farce earlier in the year is being ladylike. THe term to designate this behavior is coward.

  • catherine

    I am not going to defend her. But you must not have gotten her newsletter that condemned Espada and Monserate and the whole dysfuntional Senate.

    Sen Suzi got us a lot of stimulus money for the schools, averting layoffs last year. She has a powerful position as the head of Education Committee and probably picks her fights wisely. She’s terrible at communicating her accomplishments, which leaves the impression she is a do-nothing. She can certainly improve in that area.

  • Gerry Muir

    if Espada stole $14,000,000 so he could illegally move to Mamaroneck, why doesn’t he live on the waterfront?

    • Sushi Says

      LOL – maybe because people like to live in neighborhoods that would more readily accept them? Plus he spent much of his money ordering from the local Sushi market they say…so I wonder how this will effect the local Japanese restaurants should he end up in jail per se? They must have been thriving w/ all those orders over the years!!

  • catherine

    Hahaha. I was thinking that too! I wonder if opening the Red Plum and then the sushi restaurant immigration to Mamk was because of Espada’s $80k bill at Toyo! It went out on the network– this town will spend anything on good sushi!