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Latimer Identifies 4 Key Local Bills Needing Senate OK

Mamaroneck Town Parking Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature

With the New York State Senate embroiled in turmoil over the last two weeks, there is a plan for compromise between the Democrats and Republicans that includes developing a short list of local bills that require Senate approval, having already passed the Assembly. Assemblyman George Latimer (D-Westchester, 91st A.D.) has identified four key bills that affect local governments in his region that need Senate passage. The four bills, sponsored by Mr. Latimer have passed in the Assembly, and are all sponsored in the Senate by Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Westchester, 37th S.D.).

These include:

A.227 – New Rochelle City Hotel Tax
Will generate at least $250K for the city’s budget

A.289 – Rye City Hotel Tax Extender 
Extends the 2006 law, scheduled to expire in 2009 – generates $85K per year for the city’s budget

A.6466 – Westchester County Sales Tax Extender
Extends the 2007 law, scheduled to expire in 2009  - the tax represents the county’s second largest revenue source

A.8673 – Port Chester Court Attendants
Local request providing peace officer status in the Port Chester Village Court

Mr. Latimer has passed 15 sponsored bills in the Assembly so far this year. Three of these bills were passed by the Senate before the recent coup. Those bills were locally-requested: the New Rochelle Sales Tax Extender and the Mamaroneck Town Parking Bill. All three are expected to be sent to the governor and signed into law.

Editor’s Note: Asked for more detail, Mr. Latimer said the Senate passed the Mamaroneck Town Parking bill on May 13. It passed the Assembly on June 15. The bill allows but does not require Mamaroneck Town to develop a residential parking system. For some time, the Mamaroneck Town Board has discussed allowing residents of Washington Square to purchase permits for parking on streets near their apartment buildings. Many of the buildings have no lots or insufficient space for the numbers of vehicles owned by current residents. Mr. Latimer introduced similar legislation in previous years, but this is the first time the bill has cleared both houses. (See: Residential Parking District for Washington Square.)

Assemblyman Latimer highlighted the four additional bills as absolute necessities in any special Senate session: “The local governments involved do not deserve to be played like pawns in a high-level game of chess. The Senate should agree to a shared leadership compromise, reflecting the 31-31 split in senators, and to advance, at the very least, critical local bills. Our towns, cities, villages and county are counting on us.”

Mr. Latimer noted that at least 5 of his other bills were on the verge of Senate passage, but are likely to be lost along with many other worthy bills in the Senate battle. The assemblyman concluded his remarks: “Senator Oppenheimer and I are in close contact on these issues, and she is highlighting them for action as well. While the news seems bleak, I am generally an optimistic person. I’m hopeful this will all be resolved.”

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2 comments to Latimer Identifies 4 Key Local Bills Needing Senate OK

  • Anon E Mous

    Perhaps State Senator Oppenheimer and Assemblyman Latimer should reconsider the importance of the Mamaroneck Parking Bill. It appears that it may give a small number of people the right to give away the Town’s property to a few apartment owners rather than having those people purchase parking spaces or have fewer cars.

  • George Latimer

    Mr. “Mous”:
    The decision to request the authority for this bill came from the Town Board, at the urging, I assume, of many neighbors who have attended a number of Town meetings.

    As a state legislator, when asked by the duly-elected governing body, I will advance such Home Rule bills; the ultimate decision on what type of local parking permit program – and how it may or may not affect others who don’t live in the area – is to be made by the Town Board, not by the State Legislature.

    You should share your feelings directly with the Town once they begin the process of debating what form the local permit parking ordinance should take.

    George Latimer