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Who is Mamk's Ideal New Superintendent?

“Expectations are extremely high for Mamaroneck’s next superintendent” asserted the Leadership Profile Report to the Mamaroneck School Board by consultants from Hazard, Young,  Attea and Associates (HYA) charged with helping recruit the new leader.  The report was presented by Dr. Bruce Dennis, from HYA, at the December 1 study session and posted on the district’s website.

Based on results of 168 questionnaires and focus group meetings with 198 member of various constituencies, the consultants concluded that the new leader should:

  •  “possess a broad knowledge of schooling, from kindergarten through twelfth grade,” have expert communication skills, be willing to “listen respectfully to divergent points of view,” and have sufficient “strength of his or her convictions” so as not to be afraid “to make decisions that may alienate a certain special interest.”
  • The new leader should also embrace “technology and data” as important tools to guide the district; be able to set limits, have the ability to inspire others; be a strong speaker and presenter, have a sense of humor and be a person of integrity.

The report also noted that, “There appears to be a strong interest in finding a high-powered intellect with the interpersonal capacity to build consensus, stand up to dissent, and ultimately and successfully to implement his or her vision.”

Next Steps: Find, Interview Candidates That Best Fit the Rubric

The report will serve as a rubric for the board as it interviews potential candidates, assessing “goodness of fit,”  explained Dr. Dennis. The consultants will share the findings with candidates.

Dr. Dennis remarked that the most important part of his firm’s responsibility is to actively seek candidates.  They already have begun to contact various superintendent groups and to advertise in Education Week. They will begin in-person interviews on Saturday, December 12.  So far, he noted, there has been “considerable interest” in the position.

Additional Concerns Expressed In Focus Groups: Taxes, Students, Technology

In developing the report, the consultants convened focus groups with particular interests. These included groups of current board members, former board members, teachers, parents, high school students, community members and athletes and parents of athletes.

The report listed concerns expressed in each focus groups.  Consistent across all groups however, was a concern about “budget constraints – tax burden versus needs of the district.” Financing came up in every discussion, according to Dr. Dennis, with a consensus expressed that funding the budget as in the past is not sustainable.  Other concerns listed were “meeting the needs of all students” and “technology.” The last two items were reflected in the list of characteristics the consultant will use in recruiting qualified candidates.

The list of characteristics, however, does not directly address budget or finance expertise.

The diversity of the district was often cited as a strength by members of the focus group, Dr. Denis explained. But diversity is also “a two-edged sword,” providing “a level of complexity” that has a lot to do with how needy students are distributed within the district, he said.

Dr. Dennis praised the “candor and detail” with which people spoke.  Indeed, when asked if there was anything unique about the current search, he cited the “impressive level of candor.”

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5 comments to Who is Mamk’s Ideal New Superintendent?

  • budgetarious

    “The list of characteristics, however, does not directly address budget or finance expertise.” So much for listening. So we will make sure that Ed Drs are preferred over managers and leaders. Impressive level of candor is met by impressive level of unability to change or adopt an out-of-the-box viewpoint.


    JACKIE MASON may be available for our new Superintendent. He is an ordained Rabbi, great speaker, has strength of conviction, is humorous, is not afraid to offend others, and a great communicator. Are those the qualities we really want???

    Are we interviewing stand-up comedians for the Superintendents Job, or do we want serious “fiscal management” for the district? Mike Bloomberg would be great. He isn’t exactly your cozy, funny man. We need “a tough love person.” Mayor Bloomberg only gets $1 a year for his compensation.

    Consultants Hazard, Young, Attea & Assoc (HYA), are missing the point. How much are we paying them??? Are they also trying to be funny? :-(

  • mrssleigh

    They forgot, “must have expertise in budget management, controlling expenses and be a tough negotiator with bargaining units”.

    The $95,000 that was spent on security cameras (60k) and hand sanitizers (35k) could have saved one teacher’s salary. Or paid for up-to-date history books. Or a LOT of Purell bottles.

  • Anon E Mous

    Editor’s Note: Hi, Anon E Mous. I’m sorry, but I had to move the links you posted a bit farther down. They were bleeding over into the center column of the front page from the left column. There is something about the way WordPress handles URLs in comments that makes this happen, and it was making the center column text illegible. So, everybody, if you have links in your comment, please put in a paragraph of text first to help prevent the “bleed-over.” Thank you. Over and out.–Paula

    Remember, what Bill Vaughn said: People learn something every day, and a lot of times it’s that what they learned the day before was wrong.

    SEARCH CONSULTANTS? :-) Priceless.
    Oh no, forgot, we’re paying for that.


    AEN, the links that you posted don’t match the qualifications and characteristics that our consultants said we needed in a Superintendent.

    Also, the Superintendent’s projected salary link seems to indicate that the Superintendent’s salary should be “significantly lower than we are offering by around $100,000.00.” I didn’t read anything about the job calls for a “sense of humor.”

    Why did our focus groups consist of people “with particular interests? These included groups of current board members, former board members, teachers, parents, high school students, community members and athletes and parents of athletes.”

    Why didn’t they include “Joe and Jane Q Citizen” such as senior citizens, college students, business owners, single men and women who also make up our population at large?”

    Why did the groups seem to focus on people with their own school agendas? Seems to me that by doing that, we “risk no change.” :-( “More of the same old politics as usual.” Let it be understood, that if you don’t change the existing practices…”YOUR BUDGET WILL BE VOTED DOWN!