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VOL to Get New Meters for Water, Parking

At their December 14 meeting, the Larchmont Village Board took steps to upgrade their meters – both for parking and for water.

Board members also heard from Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried on the challenges of preparing next year’s school budget, given the difficult economic climate.

New Meters at Train Station; Old Meters Go to Other Lots

The Village Board approved a request by Treasurer Denis Brucciani to sell $100,000 of serial bonds to pay for six new parking meters, which arrive mid-January for parking lot #3 at the Larchmont Train Station.  The new machines will not accept the old debit cards. Residents have until January 8 to return old debit cards to Village Hall to receive refunds on unexpended balances.

Three of the old meters will be used to collect the $4.00 fee for overnight parking at lots # 4 (between Larchmont Avenue and Wendt), #5 (off Gilder Street), and #6 (off Addison Street). The remaining three will be retained for use as spare parts.

Upgrades to Water Meters Will Automate Readings, Help Spot Leaks

The board also authorized Mr. Brucciani to draft a request for proposal from vendors who can supply an automated information retrieval system for water meters.  Michael Gottfried, a Village resident who has been studying ways to improve meter reading for a number of years, explained that the new system would not only save time and effort but also enable the Village to spot leaks and repair them quickly.

Larchmont now enters information manually on a separate card for each property. With the new system, a car with a scanning device can pass by each property and read all the meters in less than an afternoon. “This is just an absolute win,” he said.  “We’ve looked at this from every angle.”

Upgrading meters to operate with the scanners requires only removing two screws and adding an extra piece. Two-thirds of properties have external meters, simplifying the conversion, which will take around 11 weeks to complete village-wide.

Bottom Line: The estimated cost for the project is a total of $230,800, which includes: $22,000 for two downloading devices, about $90 per unit to outfit the 1100 outside meters; and $150-$180 to convert each of the 660 inside meters.

Also at the Board:

  • Pedestrians hit: Recently two pedestrians were hit, one on Chatsworth Avenue and one on the Boston Post Road. Mayor Liz Feld said she has asked buses not to stop on the bridge to drop off commuters who then cross in the middle of that block to descend to the train platform.
  • At the Larchmont Reservoir: the upper and lower pedestrian bridges have been replaced.  The Sheldrake Environmental Conservancy is pleased with the work but feels that the material on the walkway is not porous and needs to be replaced.
  • The water main repairs on the Chatsworth Avenue Bridge are underway.  There may be some disruptions, but work should be finished by Christmas.
  • Polling places for the March 16, 2010 Village of Larchmont elections will be the Fire Department, for districts 1 and 4, and Chatsworth School for district 2.
  • Signs of progress: Trustee McAndrews reported that the old Neptune signs at the entrance to the Village are being spruced up.  The board is looking to get private donations to pay for this.
  • Children’s Room: The Larchmont Library has accepted bids for the renovation of their children’s room and is hoping to open the new space in the fall of 2010.
  • Plant canopy trees: Trustee Kolbert reported that Village can no longer replace the large canopy street trees when they die, because of Con Edison regulations and the lack of space between sidewalks and roadways. The board is requesting that homeowners plant trees close to their property line to help create the canopy effect along the block.

On the Calendar:

  • Breakfast with Santa, hosted by the VOL Fire Department, December 19, begins 9:00 am at the American Legion in Flint Park. Santa arrives around 10.
  • Toy Drive: The firefighters are collecting unwrapped new toys for children at Blythedale Hospital.  Toys can be dropped off at the firehouse before Christmas.
  • Bird Watch, Sheldrake Environmental Center: December 23,  10:00 am – 3:00 pm
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3 comments to VOL to Get New Meters for Water, Parking

  • budgetarious

    Where are the staff savings (i.e. : retiring staff who now inputs information manually on separate cards for each property ? surely automation must increase productivity, and increased productivity results in savings ? That is how it works in the private sector (the one that creates the wealth from which taxes are paid).

    “The board also authorized Mr. Brucciani to draft a request for proposal from vendors who can supply an automated information retrieval system for water meters. Michael Gottfried, (…), explained that the new system would not only save time and effort (…).”

  • Bemused

    Classic example of why the City and the School Board have budget problems. Neither of these measures seems critical, no cost save analysis (or did you not report it?)and a spend now and pay later mentality. Phasing out the City debit cards w/o providing a new credit card option is not going to bring commuter lives to a halt. Continuing the existing water system will be just fine unless the new one reduces headcount; even then the payback would be year which is a luxury in current times. Come on, people, one of the highest tax rates in the county and you still don’t get it?

  • Frug Al

    1. $100,000 for 6 parking meters. How long will it take to recover the costs?
    2.$230,800 for new water meters. How do we recover the costs? Cut at least one village employee?