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VOL Fire Doused; Firefighters Promoted

A week after local firefighters successfully doused a fire at a Palmer Avenue gym, the Larchmont Village Board promoted two of its career staff at its November 2 meeting. Also on the agenda were: further requests for traffic controls in the Pine Brook area and  news that repairs will begin next week on the water main over the Chatsworth Avenue Bridge.

Fire Doused; Firefighters Promoted

Mayor Liz Feld opened the meeting with a formal promotion of Firefighter Brian Doherty to lieutenant and Lieutenant John Caparelli to captain.

Mayor Liz Feld formally promoted firefighter Brian Doherty to lieutenant.

Mayor Liz Feld formally promoted firefighter Brian Doherty to lieutenant.

Lieutenant Doherty,  has been with the fire department for 30 years, first as a volunteer and then as a career firefighter for the last 17 years. Captain Caparelli has been with the fire department for 21 years and was promoted to lieutenant last October. Among the reasons given for his promotion was his performance in running the fire inspection program, first under  Captain Stephen Epstein who retired in August, and on his own since then.

Newly promoted Captain XX, reported on the successful suppression of a fire at a Palmer Avenue gym.

Newly promoted Captain John Caparelli reported on the successful suppression of a fire at a Palmer Avenue gym.

In the absence of the fire chief, Captain Caparelli reported on department activity, most notably on a structure fire in a gym at 205 Palmer Avenue on October 25 at 10:39 pm.

Helping fight the fire were crews from New Rochelle and Mamaroneck Town, with support from the Volunteer Ambulance Corps (VAC) and Con Edison.  The Village of Mamaroneck Fire Department covered  the fire house, freeing Larchmont’s 8 career firefighters and 14 volunteers to be at fire.

”The mutual aid agreement worked as it was intended,” said Captain Caparelli.  “All members worked as a team under the commander to accomplish the objective.”

The fire was extinguished in just 7 minutes. The probable cause was given as oily towels in a clothes dryer. It was determined that the fire was probably caused by clothes in a dyer in the business which was a gym. Captain  Caparelli advised not to leave a dryer unattended and to remove clothes promptly when they’re done.

Captain Caprelli also reported on an October 26 call for medical help from a resident who had suffered serious injury from a fall.  Together with VAC, they brought the patient who was not breathing on her own to New Rochelle hospital, administering first aid all along the way.  “Firefighter Bellantoni and the VAC crew should be commended for their teamwork in saving this resident’s life,” he asserted.  Mayor Feld added, “We’ve come to rely on these life-saving services of our fire department, but not every community has these.”

Two New Stop Signs in Pine Brook; More Changes Sought

Beth Belisle, a resident of the Pine Brook area who had previously requested a safety study of various intersections, reported on two new stop signs. One is at Stuyvesant near Iden; the other is where Soundview crosses Stuyvesant. Cars are stopping. “It really is much better,” said Sandy Constabile who lives nearby.

Ms. Belisle said that based on responses to surveys taken in the neighborhood she is seeking additional changes, including a reshaping of some intersections.

Rob Rothman, a co-chair of the Traffic Commission, said his group is working on the issues and looks forward to hearing proposals from Ms. Belisle at their next meeting on Tuesday, November 10.  Ralph Engels, vice president of the Pine Brook Association, added that the suggested changes would probably not cost more than a few thousand dollars.

More on Revisions to the Site Plan Approval Law

In the ongoing review of revisions to Larchmont’s site plan approval law, there was no action taken. Mr. Engel, who is also a member of the Planning Board, said there is a need to address the fact that there is a serious problem of enforcing the rules.

“What is approved is not always what is built,” he stated.  Trustee Ann McAndrews, who has been  spearheading the review of the law will continue to meet with architects and the Planning Board. She hopes to present the results in January.

Less Expense for Repairs; Less Revenue from Sales

Treasurer Denis Brucciani reported that $76,000 in repairs to the potting shed at the Larchmont Reservoir, as requested by FEMA, may not be necessary. According to consulting engineers from Woodard & Curran, the work can probably be done for under $22,000. Trustee Richard Ward said the shed has a great deal of mold and requires ventilation. The board will decide this week

Mr. Brucciani also reported that sales tax receipts were down: Larchmont has just received $202,000 from the county, down $27,000 or 11.3% from last year at this time. Nevertheless, this was in line with the $775,000 expected for the year.

Also at the Board:

Water Main Repair to Begin, Finally: Rather than replacing the ancient water main over the Chatsworth Avenue Bridge as had been planned, contractors will reline the pipe, beginning on November 9.  It’s expected to take 10 days. Water pressure may go down during this time.

Yes There Will be Debit Card Refunds: Residents may now get refunds for any balance on their parking debit cards until January 8.

New Non-Meter Parking Permits: Mayor Feld announced the board’s decision to offer 125 permits for non-metered parking spots  in Lot 3 to residents of the Town of Mamaroneck and to out-of-towners.  The fee will be $1110 and $1485, respectively, and will be available on a first come, first serve basis beginning November 12.

ZEN Car Coming: Ms. McAndrews noted that from November 16 to 23 a ZEN (zero emissions no noise) small electric car will be test driven around the Village by traffic and building inspection staff. Larchmont is eligible for a grant from the New York Power Authority to cover 50% of the purchase price.

On the Calendar

Honors to former mayor: Miriam Curnin is being honored for her extraordinary service by the Library Association on November 12 at the Women’s Club in White Plains.

NEDA walk: The Board granted permission for the National Eating Disorders Association to hold their walk-a-thon on Sunday, November 14 at 1:00 pm.  They will convene at Constitution Park.  To participate, call Taylor Clark, (914) 523-9038.

Holiday stroll: The Larchmont business community and Village Recreation Committee are co-sponsoring a holiday stroll on Friday, December 4 from 5:00 – 9:00 pm. (rain date is Sunday).

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6 comments to VOL Fire Doused; Firefighters Promoted

  • greatjob

    A village of 6300 souls and 1.1 sq mile obviously needs ONE Fire Chief, ONE extra Captain, one or several lieutenants.Actually, everybody should be made a sr officer, and they all should have offices, village SUVs and personal assistants, in order to stimulate the economy. Way to go towards aggregation with other FDs in other villages that will either not happen because we will have too much brass or too much brass to retire at high expenses. Way to go !

    • Y'ellow there!

      Are you trying to tell us you think there are too many chiefs and not enough indians on the Larchmont Village Fire Dept.??

      Just wondering….

  • Pseud Onym

    This article didn’t specify if the job promotions went with increased salaries. I am wondering how much money these promotions caused the community? Does Mayor Feld realize we are in a recession?

    Nonetheless, congratulations to our Fire Fighters and Ambulance Crews for another job well done.

  • Stop Drop and Roll

    If you look at the Larchmont PFF Association web site, ( will see that the 2 that were promoted are officers in the union. The new captain is the union treasure and the new lieutenant is the union president. Did the mayor make promotions to reward the endorsement of the fire union during her run for mayor? I heard that a more qualified firefighter was passed over to promote the union president. I guess the luck of the Irish was only good for one and not the other !!!!!

  • Pseud Onym

    Shame on Liz Feld!! Is it “pay back time?”
    I think you are on to her motive! The Village had a great volunteer fire department which she destroyed. Any idea what these promotions are costing the Village?

    Where are the Village residents??? I don’t think the Mayor understands that we are in a recession the way she is spending. Wait until the Village tax bills shows up at resident’s doors.

    • Stop Drop and Roll

      The village must appoint a paid captain. By N.Y.S. law, a captain or higher rank is the only position that can run the fire department in the absence of the chief. The captain’s position/salary is better then having to pay for an assistant chief. Oops….I hope I haven’t given the mayor any ideas……