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Vandals Attack Manor Park


A commemorative bench was ripped off its cement footing and tossed onto the rocks below at Manor Park. Don Sutherland submitted this photo and commented, "Hopefully, the thugs responsible will be caught, prosecuted, convicted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. "

It was vandalism – not the thrashing thunderstorm – that destroyed fences and benches at Larchmont’s Manor Park on Friday, May 8. Click here for more photos of the destruction.

Split rail fences were ripped out and thrown into the Sound, a commemorative bench was tossed onto the rocks and parts of other benches were knocked out or broken off.  A rail was torn from one gazebo.

Heavy force must have been used in some cases to dislodge the fence posts from their cement footings. Some of the masonry sustained damage as well.

Beer bottles on the floor of a damaged gazebo may be a clue to what fueled the vandalism.

Beer bottles were neatly lined up below the torn out rail of a Manor Park gazebo on Saturday morning, May 9.

Beer bottles were neatly lined up below the torn out rail of a Manor Park gazebo on Saturday morning, May 9.

Larchmont Village police were investigating, having been alerted to the destruction by a resident walking the park at 7:20 am on Saturday, May 9.

“Nothing makes me sicker than vandalism and destruction of public property,” said Mayor Liz Feld when apprised of the incident. “If I could, I would build  stocks in front of Village Hall and haul in the vandals.”

Though open to the public, the park is owned by the Larchmont Manor Park Society, a private neighborhood association. Karin Sherman, who assumes the association presidency today at the society’s annual meeting,  said there is always  a “rash” of vandalism in the spring.

“But this is a lot different,” she said. “I don’t ever recall anything as bad as this.”

Photograoph by Don Sutherland, who said he hopes "the thugs responsible will be caught, prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law."

The split rail fences were ripped out of the cement. Photo by Don Sutherland.

Click here for more photos of the destruction, taken on May 10 by Paula Eisenberg.

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50 comments to Vandals Attack Manor Park

  • palmer

    MHS Student: your plea of we did nothing wrong and passing the blame is the root of the trophy generation of which you are a part. MHS students were in the park after its closure at dusk. So therefore – yes you did something wrong. While you may not have been a part of the destruction – I would imagine that the MHS students had some part in the disruption that occured resulting in the broken jaw of an MHS junior. If students of MHS had not been in the park there would be no need to argue their innocence. Manor Park is a gift – it is some of the most beautiful and serene property in all of coastal Westchester. And the teens who choose to drink there after hours and the dog owners who bring their pets and do not clean up after them are going to ruin it for all of us as restrictions, or fences, will be put in place for those who do not honor the guidelines.

  • Kathy

    High-schoolers walking through Manor Park after dark is nothing new. I’m sure many of us have fond memories of being shooed out by security guards during a moonlit stroll along the shore. The real issue is the vandalism. And the unusual level of destruction suggests that the vandals weren’t just some local kids wandering around. The opinions of MHS kids deserve just as much respect as anyone else’s opinions in this matter.

  • MHSGrad

    As a recent MHS grad and lifelong resident of Larchmont, I am disappointed by the many negative remarks concerning MHS students’ involvement with the Manor Park incident. Many preceding comments are insulting to MHS students and falsely characterize the community’s teenagers as savages rather than focusing on the select few students who MAY have been involved in the incident. I observed the park’s devastation first-hand and wholeheartedly agree that those individuals responsible should be greatly punished, but it is unfair to act as if ALL teenagers are behind these crimes. Kathy is correct in saying MHS students’ opinions should be equally as respected as adults’, and I am saddened by community members’ clear disrespect and distrust of Larchmont/Mamaroneck’s teenagers. I hope Gazette readers will keep this event in perspective, and will remember the more frequent success and achievements made by our community’s students.

    (Palmer: It is comical that, you, an adult, would make the offensive and immature “trophy generation” comment while trying to criticize the behavior of innocent MHS students, one of whom has written a far more respectful letter than your own.)

  • MHS Student2

    Palmer, to me it seems that you have a fundamental disagreement with us teens about what is right and what is wrong. Going to the park at night is not morally wrong though it may be forbidden by the Park’s rules. Many MHS students go to the park at night and there has never been an incident. However, beating down an innocent, and might I add relatively small in stature, kid IS undeniably morally wrong.

    If we were to apply the scientific method to this situation we would find that yes, the variable (drunken belligerent from Rye Neck), did in fact lead to the beating. MHS students interact amicably in the park almost every night causing no damage and never beating people up. It’s absurd for you to say MHS students’ mere presence had some part in this beat down when you have no concept of how things work in MHS and in the Park at night.

    • ex-manorite

      MHSstudent2-I believe that the fundamental schism is between the people who follow the rules/law and those that don’t regardless of their age. If you feel that going to the park at night is not morally wrong when you know that it’s against the posted rules is a false conclusion and not logical, but convenient to you. Your argument that many students go to the park at night and nothing happens so it’s not their fault is false and equivalent to saying that if people speed but don’t get caught it’s OK to break the law and shouldn’t be held responsible when they do. A moral person should do the right thing even if no one is looking, don’t bring morals into this discussion. Just because they’ve never come away with a broken jaw (which I do agree is wrong) doesn’t mean that they were not also at fault. The moral person would not continue to break the rules and trespass and therefore would not be in this situation to begin with and wouldn’t be also at fault. The question of if “Palmer” has any concept of how things work in the Park at night is irrelevant. If the Park rules are that no one is to be in the Park after a certain time, that is what’s relevant. It’s a shame that young man had his jaw broken but it’s a crime that the Park was vandalized and it needs to be made whole again.