Gazette Ceases Publication: Donates Archives to LHS

In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

All inquiries should be addressed to the Larchmont Historical Society.

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Town of Mamaroneck Declares Snow Emergency

The Town of Mamaroneck declared a snow emergency alert effective today, February 10, 2010 at 1:00 p.m. This alert will remain in place until further notice. When a snow emergency is declared special traffic regulations take effect.

During a snow emergency residents are required to remove their cars from streets designated as snow emergency streets. All major Town roads are snow emergency routes and all are marked with signs. Vehicles that are not removed from snow emergency streets will be towed and the owners will be subject to fines. Remember too that overnight parking is prohibited on most Town streets.

Travel during a declared snow emergency should be restricted to only that which is absolutely necessary. Snow plows are more effective and efficient when there are no cars on the roads.

Residents are also reminded to shovel their sidewalks and not to push the snow into the street as this impedes plowing. Also remember to shovel out nearby fire hydrants. Residents who shovel their driveways should place the snow to the right of the driveway when facing the road. This can reduce the effect of having driveways “plowed in.”

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