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Teachers Reply on Re-Opening Contract

$4 million.

That’s the magnitude of educational cuts Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried will be recommending in his presentation to the Mamaroneck School Board on Tuesday, February 2 at 7 pm in the Hommocks Auditorium (see details on the agenda below).

Without the cuts, Dr. Fried has estimated that mandated increases will push the budget up 9%. Last year’s budget was $120,695,077, an increase of 3.23% over the previous year (with the STAR program factored in).

Teacher’s Reply on Re-Opening the Contract

Last week, Dr. Fried announced that he had been unsuccessful in getting the teachers to consider re-opening the contract to allow the implementation of budget efficiencies that he believes are preferable to options currently available.

“The leadership of the MTA has indeed refused to open the contract,” said Ann Borsellino, who had been unavailable for comment last week. Last year the teachers led the way in this district and made concessions without opening the contract.

“Our give backs included refunding money from the Welfare Fund, a voluntary increase in our health care contribution, and a pay give back in the form of ½ a day,” listed Ms. Borsellino. “This was not a furlough – we agreed to work that half day and not get paid for it because that is what made sense for our students. More than 90% of our membership voted for this give back.”

Ms. Borsellino pointed out that the MTA was keeping an open mind and asking for further details.

“The teachers have not said no to helping this community which supports our work with their children – we said we need more information so we make educated decisions based on real numbers.”

The teachers will be paying close attention. “We attended the session on 11/30 and we will be there again on 2/2 & 2/9,” said Ms. Borsellino. “And once we know the specific details and issues facing our schools, we will move forward in a way that is good for our students, our colleagues, and the community members.”

Dr. Fried said last week that some proposals may require negotiations with the Mamaroneck Teachers Union over elements in the current contract.

Crowd Expected: Meeting Moved to the Hommocks

The budget meeting for February 2 has been moved from the high school to the Hommocks Auditorium, to accommodate the anticipated crowd.

Dr. Fried will be laying out three or four major budget-cutting initiatives, constructed in conjunction with principals at each school. The evening agenda will include:

1. A 30-minute budget overview by Dr. Fried
2. A presentation on the first initiative
3. A 30-minute session for the board to ask questions and make comments
4. A 15-minute session for community input

Dr. Fried will follow the same organization for each initiative. Index cards will be distributed at the end of the session for use by anyone who has not had a chance to speak. The superintendent’s office will read and consider all comments.

On Tape
LMC-TV is not able to broadcast live from the Hommocks Auditorium. The session will be taped and aired on the following schedule:
Channel 76 (Cablevision)/ 35 (Verizon)
Thursday 2/5  12pm, 3pm
Friday 2/6 6pm
Saturday 2/7  12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm
Sunday 2/8  12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm
Monday 2/9  12am, 6am, 12pm
Channel 77 (Cablevision)/ 34 (Verizon)
Sunday 2/8  9am
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7 comments to Teachers Reply on Re-Opening Contract

  • Anon E Mous

    And people of the community reply, that they will turn down a proposed budget that would require that they increase the amount of money (taxes) they give to the school district!

    As Robert Half said, ‘People try to live within their income so they can afford to pay taxes to a government that can’t live within its income.

  • taxpayer

    1. the budget number on the second paragraph is wrong. I believe it is 10 times higher.
    2. surely, thoroughly educated teachers, with a profusion of Ed Drs, MA, PhDs, can read the press or listen to the news and understand the rough outline of the financial predicament. Do they need more information about the dire situation of our national, state, local economy? Maybe they do. Ms Borsellino just proves to us again how out of touch she and her constituents are with the real world.

    • Judy Silberstein

      My apologies: I omitted a “0″ when typing in the budget figure. The number now shown is correct.

      Thanks for using your sharp eyes!

  • Observer

    NO NEW TAX INCREASES…get real people. Teachers only pay 6% of their medical insurance and are crying about it? How would they like to pay no portion of their health insurance and be UNEMPLOYED??? These are tough economic times…Join the real work force..for those fortunate to hold jobs.

  • lance sterling

    the people who work in the town for us are making more than 50% of the people who live and pay the taxes lanceGET REAL

  • Please, Ann

    The teachers gave up 1/2 day’s pay and the above tiny contribution to their benefits. THESE ARE REAL CONCESSIONS? Why is it not obvious that if we reneged on the contract and the teachers went on strike, there would be over hundreds of candidates vying for their positions, many of whom would be happier and more qualified at fulfilling them? Maybe then they would be willing to earn their positions teaching at the most desired school district in the nation. Yet we need a superintendent and a Board that has the grit to face off with them. With the New Secretary of Education, and the initiatives in education, they must know that their days are numbered.

  • lance sterling