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Senator Oppenheimer: Leadership in Difficult Times

On Sunday, July 12th, Senator Suzi Oppenheimer (D-Mamaroneck) delivered the keynote address at the New York State Rural Schools Association (“RSA”) annual conference in Cooperstown, New York. Speaking on the theme of “Leadership in Difficult Times,” the Ssenator reflected on the difficulties presented by the continuing economic downturn and expressed pride that despite these extraordinary fiscal challenges, the legislature was able to restore deep cuts in education funding. She also conveyed her disappointment that the Senate’s recent leadership struggles may have prevented passage this session of several needed education reforms.

“If we are to continue to provide New York children with the quality education they deserve,” said Senator Oppenheimer, “we must empower our school districts with the means to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs.” Senator Oppenheimer called on RSA members to join with her in working for legislation to ease the financial burdens on local school districts and homeowners through mandate relief, greater consolidation and sharing of services between school districts, expanding Wicks law exemptions for school construction projects, and targeted property tax relief.

Noting that the RSA has “a friend at the helm of the Senate Education Committee,” the senator observed that even with her leadership role, she cannot achieve all of their shared legislative goals by herself. She called on RSA members to make their legislative priorities known to their elected representatives and to “hold each accountable for shaping educational policy through his or her vote.”

Senator Oppenheimer expanded on these topics during a productive round table discussion with rural school superintendents on Monday, July 13. “Our commitment to education – our human infrastructure – remains paramount whether in times of prosperity or great economic uncertainty. Our children reserve the best education we can provide, and I’m confident that together we will not fail them.”

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8 comments to Senator Oppenheimer: Leadership in Difficult Times

  • leaders

    It would have been interesting to hear about Sr Oppenheimer’s leadership during the past month when the NY Senate ridiculed itself and democracy. It would have been interesting to hear about why Sr Espada is the right majority LEADER for HER party. Instead, we hear that leadership is about getting more money out of the public purse to give to teachers’ unions, all in the name of “the children”. Way to go, Suzi!

  • suzyrules

    According to the JN today Aug 7, Ms Oppenheimer is showing some more of her style of leadership in difficult times – about the budget gap that has re-opened :

    “Some Democratic senators questioned Paterson’s estimates that the state faces a $2.1 billion budget gap in the current fiscal year. They said legislators should wait until later this year before making any spending cuts to get better estimates on the fiscal problems.

    “We think it can wait a little longer, and we think the figure is a little bit less,” said Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer, D-Mamaroneck, who heads the Senate Education Committee. ”

    Did I hear the word “appeasement” or the words “kicking the can down the road.” Leadership indeed.

  • gosuzy

    May we please get some more leadership guidance from our State Senator ? looks like waiting a little longer and fudging the numbers are not the directions coming out of the NYS Governor’s and Comptroller’s offices. What is your advice regarding spending cuts ? Should we wait ? Should we tax the rich ? Should we put children first ? Pray lead us now out of or into these dark shadows.

  • Steaming Stanley

    Why is Sen. Oppenheimer giving a speech on rural Schools for the NY Rural Schools Association? Is Larchmont/Mam’k considered a rural school district?

    I thought it was Suburban, as in SUB – URBAN.

    Call me crazy but maybe I’m missing something here?

  • resp

    Our fearless leader leads the Senate education committee. She is an expert in all things education, especially if they have to do with the plum salaries, benefits and perks of our education warriors. She is also an expert in leadership, as in : wait and see.

  • Debra Lagapa

    I recently saw your comment on the Larchmont Gazette about Senator Oppenheimer’s speech before the Rural Schools Association (RSA). Senator Oppenheimer is the chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Education and in that capacity had been invited to be the keynote speaker for the RSA’s annual conference. While her speech focused on the unique challenges faced by rural school districts, many of her legislative goals concerning mandate and property tax relief, school nutrition and the shared provision of school district services through BOCES, would apply equally to suburban and city districts.

    Thank you for taking the time to review her speech. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to
    contact us.

    Debra Lagapa
    Press Secretary to
    Senator Suzi Oppenheimer

  • 10538er

    I appreciate your reply to Stanley Steamer regarding her speech to the RSA. Please answer me this since you seem to read this site. Why did Senator Oppenheimer as a senior Democratic senator in the State stay out of this summer’s fiasco with the 3 amigos from the senate trying to get their own agendas passed by threatening to switch parties? She was more than complacent in their actions by not taking a strong stance against their shenanigans. I have voted for her in every election she has had, but her lack of actions has lost her 1 vote the next time she is up for re-election.
    By the way, I emailed her directly this summer regarding this and I received no reply. I find that in itself a slap in the face to a constituent who through taxes has paid her salary for over 16 years.
    I look forward to hearing your response.

  • Steaming Stanley

    Errrrr……perhaps this is only a slight technicality, but Stanley, is a male’s name. Don’t think I ever heard of a woman named Stanley.

    Dannie, Billie, Frankie, Freddie, Joey, Bobbie – yes.

    But no Stanley’s are called ‘her’ now, are they?