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Rockefeller Awards Go to Lauren Stelluti and Audrey Pincus; 19 Retire

In keeping with recent tradition, the June 16 meeting of the Mamaroneck School Board was celebratory and festive.  Nineteen retirees were honored, and graduating seniors Lauren Stelluti and Audrey Pincus received Rockefeller Awards.

A number of other students were honored as well, including:  the varsity baseball team, which won the Division AA state championship last weekend;  senior Madeline Hendricks, whose play won the Fidelity FutureState Playwriting contest and was performed on Broadway; and Addie Nicole Merians and Chelsie Walters, who won the Kemper essay contest.

In addition, the board accepted gifts that will enable the district’s academic  enrichment camp, known as Co-op Camp, to continue in full force at the middle school and elementary level. (See: Fundraising Fully Restores Coop Camp)

Mariana Boneo, Liz Liscio and Naomi Lowenthal, who spearheaded a drive to restore funds for the district's Co-op Camp, presented the board with a $65,000 "check."

Mariana Boneo, Liz Liscio and Naomi Lowenthal, who spearheaded a drive to restore funds for the district's Co-op Camp, presented the board with a $65,000 "check." Photo by John Gitlitz.

A Bit of Business

Before the celebrations, the board addressed a new problem with the Murray Avenue School front stairs that had arisen that morning as a result of all the rain.  The board approved a resolution authorizing emergency repairs.

In addition, Rick Marsico, board vice president and a member of the building committee, advised that the building committee is pursuing an energy audit at no cost to the district.

Rockefeller Awards for Excellence in Visual and Performing Arts

The Rockefeller fund was established in 1982, when the Rockefeller brothers selected Mamaroneck High School as one of ten schools to receive a $10,000 award for arts education.  That money was invested, and each year the interest is awarded to two graduating seniors who have excelled in the visual and performing arts.

Art teacher Kevin Klein described Lauren Stelluti, the recipient for excellence in visual arts, as a “clear thinker,” praising her “inventiveness and sense of whimsy.”  Mr. Klein noted that Lauren “leads by example and has great potential.”  A slide show of her work demonstrated her developing affinity for portraits and that “she is more than a one-trick pony.”


Lauren will be attending Boston University in the fall, where she will study art.


Self-portrait (center) and other artwork by Lauren Stelluti.

PACE dance teacher Martie Barylick described Audrey Pincus as “a gift to the performing arts,” noting that she is “one of the dozen best students I have taught in dance” in more than thirty years.

PACE music teacher Bill Derby was equally exuberant in describing Audrey’s musical talent, calling her “a music director’s dream.”

Both PACE teachers commended Audrey’s ability to work with her classmates.  Two of those classmates, Phoebe Hanley and Will Carlyon, then performed “Burns Effect,” a song written by Audrey and other PACE music students, while Audrey danced.

Audrey Pincus danced to a song she composed with fellow Pace students.

Audrey Pincus danced to a song she composed with fellow PACE students.

Nineteen District Staff to Retire

Nineteen retirees were honored, including Hommocks Middle School Assistant Principal Larry Keane and nine teachers with more than 233 years of collective teaching experience.

Retiring school board member Michael Jacobson was also honored for his service.  Board President Linnet Tse noted that she would miss his “quick wit.”

Mamaroneck High School Geri Brause (17 years), Math

Vincent Nanni (33 years), Technology

Carol Rissner (23 years), Reading

Bunny Pulise (19 years), Secretary/Stenographer

Hommocks Middle School

Larry Keane (36 years), Assistant Principal

Mary Everett (17 years), Science

Christopher Ward (17 years), Science

Loretta Brandstadter (24 years), Building Substitute

Mary Wells (25 years), Building Substitute

Beresford Walker (40 years), Custodian

Central Elementary School

Susan Rosenblum (21 years), Grade 3

Susan Scharf (38 years), Grade 1

Chatsworth Elementary School Lida Buhaj (32 years), Art
Mamaroneck Avenue School Joanna Levande (35 years), Pre-K

Josephine Defonce (25 years), Bus Driver

Edite Kimenis (29 years), Office Assistant

Aquilini LaDonne (24 yers), Bus Driver

Susan Lischke (23 years), Senior Office Assistant

Ellen Morse (17 years), Senior Stenographer

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1 comment to Rockefeller Awards Go to Lauren Stelluti and Audrey Pincus; 19 Retire

  • Vivian

    I wanted to share WestCOP’s contribution to the Mamaroneck COOP Camp. Resulting from WestCOP’s Proyecto Madres Program, a group of mothers from this program were among the parents who particpated in the march to keep the camp open. Our community advocate led the women that evening. We learned from this group that even if the camp were to remain open some parents would not be able to send their children. On very short notice, WestCOP held a fundraiser and was able to secure nine (9) scholarships. We are extremely grateful to all in the community who volunteered and/or made a contribution to support COOP Camp. THANK YOU!