Gazette Ceases Publication: Donates Archives to LHS

In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

All inquiries should be addressed to the Larchmont Historical Society.

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Over 60? You Don't Have to Leave Home to Get Help

You don’t have to be that old to need help staying in your home – and the sooner you figure out how to get that help, the easier it will be to “age in place.” That’s the premise behind At Home on the Sound, a new Larchmont-Mamaroneck non-profit organization that is officially opening for business this month with a celebratory program on May .

In an April 30 article in the New York Times, Westchester resident Elsa Brenner reported on one Larchmont couple who has signed up for the service:

An Old-Age Home All Your Own

One evening four winters ago Robert Immerman came home to discover the steep steps leading up to his house in Larchmont glazed with ice. Unable to make the ascent to the front door because of balance problems he had suffered since undergoing brain surgery, he panicked.

“That was it,” said his wife, Minna. “That’s when we knew we had to move.” The couple — he is 70 and has since retired from his architecture practice; she is 66 and teaching part-time — had lived in the three-bedroom Tudor-style house for more than 30 years. Their two daughters had grown up there. They faced a tough question, one that most people eventually wrestle with: where to live in their old age.

They ruled out moving to a retirement community or an assisted-living facility outside of Larchmont. “We love our community, and most of our friends are here,” Mrs. Immerman said.

So the Immermans aren’t leaving town. The route they chose —to “age in place” — is becoming increasingly popular in Westchester and elsewhere.

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