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Op-Ed: Drugs In Our Parks?

This week a neighbor found a zip lock bag tossed into her bushes. At first she thought she’d just toss it into the garbage; on second thought, she brought it to us for our thoughts.

The bag contained:

  • A smaller plastic bag filled with what looked like tobacco or marijuana
  • A light bulb, filament removed
  • A straw inserted into the end of the bulb, which had been covered with tape
  • Paper towels and other assorted items.

Seeing it, we suggested the Larchmont police. Sure enough, less than a minute later, they were at her door to examine the evidence.

Their conclusion? Drug paraphernalia. As they explained, kids have learned they can get a better/bigger high when the drug is mixed with cigar tobacco and heated.

We live near one of the Village’s small parks, a park where, increasingly, kids congregate to party, to drink, and, I suspect, to buy drugs.

One teen finds innocent pleasures in Turtle Park on June 18: Timmy Tausig surfs the puddles after a storm.

One teen finds innocent pleasures in Vanderburgh Park: Timmy Tausig surfs the puddles after a storm.

The Village police, who are always extremely responsive when called, say the kids who are creating the problems are usually from out of town. They point to the problems in Manor Park, a few weeks ago.

But, we must ask, why are these interlopers here in the first place?

I tend to think like a marketer: someone with something to sell goes where there are buyers. And, apparently, there’s a ready market in the Mamaroneck school district.

Not a nice moniker for our town.

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4 comments to Op-Ed: Drugs In Our Parks?

  • lesley seymour

    drugs have been in the Mamaroneck schools for years. my son told me of a kid a few years ago at Hommocks who wore a puffy parka but inside one of the puffs kept pot to sell. to blame “outsiders” is sticking our heads in the ground and pretending. it’s our kids, in our town. and yes, you’re right that if there was no need for drugs there would be no market. we need to ask: why is there a market? the same is true for the drinking problem in this town. why do our kids feel the need to drink so much? soul searching required.

  • Susan

    I have to concur with Leslie’s remark – this is not a new situation and it does not help the teenagers to pretend it is.
    While what happened at Manor Park is shocking for the destruction, it cannot be used as an excuse to now blame everything on children and teens from “other” towns. I loved her line “soul searching required”. Yes.

  • susan

    the village police need to get a serious handle on where this Drug paraphernalia is coming from — as described in Harold Wolfson’s recent article as it is in OUR neighborhood, and in our school district.

  • Anon E Mous

    We pay to much, get too little. Would good management, responsible for our ‘safety services’ and our schools, accept the current situation? Would Mr. Bloomberg accept an excuse that the problem existed before or we’ve always done it that way?