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MHS English Teacher Resigns Despite Student Support

Despite the strenuous advocacy of her students, Mamaroneck High School English teacher Jennifer Rosenzweig was not on a list of staff recommended for tenure by the superintendent.  The list,  issued Friday, May 7 with the monthly personnel agenda, may still be amended before tonight’s meeting of the Mamaroneck School Board at 6:30 pm  – but if Ms. Rosenzweig’s name is added to the agenda it will only be under resignations.

According to the last posting on the “Support Mrs. Rosenzweig” Facebook page created by MHS students, the teacher  “handed in her letter of resignation today [Monday, May 10].”

“I did hand in my resignation yesterday,” Ms. Rosenzweig confirmed on Tuesday. “I thought it was what I need to do at this moment,” she said, declining to comment further about her reasons. “I did speak to all my students and explained the reason why – I think they understood, “ she added.

“I think it is something that she had to do in her own best interests, “ said Kathy Donnison, an MHS social studies teacher and colleague of Ms. Rosenzweig’s. “It’s a very sad time for her and for the kids and for, really, the teachers and counselors at the high school. This did not have to happen – and shouldn’t have happened.”

Asked about the resignation, district spokesperson Debbie Manetta said a resignation is not official until the board accepts it. Obviously, if Ms. Rosenzweig resigns, she is no longer eligible for tenure – and hence has never been officially denied tenure.

The Gazette was able to ascertain that Ms. Rosenzweig was not on the agenda – either under the tenure or resignation sections – but this was without help from the district.  District clerk Joanna Rice  declined to share the personnel agenda with the Gazette on Friday – or even earlier on the day of the board meeting.  She said the list was still a draft and the final version would not be made public until right before the 6:30 meeting.

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11 comments to MHS English Teacher Resigns Despite Student Support

  • MHS Teacher

    This is a sad day for the High School and the community. What a disgrace! Shame on the MHS and central administrators who lined up behind the principal, especially those who had approved of Mrs. Rosenzweig’s performance but would not stand up in her defense.
    On a related note, why is the search and interview process for the new principal being rushed so that the choice will be made by the middle of June? A new superintendent is starting on July 1. Shouldn’t the new principal, after passing muster in the interview committee, be hired with the approval of the superintendent under whom he will serve? Why is this being pushed through? Whose interests are being served? Think about it.

  • but of course

    Our money is best used providing teachers/admin pensions such as the one enjoyed by the ever so effective Sarah Tate, Asst Super for “business”, now set with $142,674 with COLA for life. Sherry King is only $400 behind at $142,291. Enjoy !
    source :, now also publishing pensioners’ data.

  • Enough...

    So sorry to hear about the resignation. This is just par for the course in this district, letting the really good ones go…

    On the other topic- WHY hire a new principal at all? Why not divide the responsibilities among the multiple Vice Principals that we already have and not replace the principal? Save the money. There are approximately 800 fewer students in the high school than when I was there, but more administrators. And for that matter, the same goes for the multiple Assistant Superintendents. SO MUCH WASTE!!!!!! Enough already…

  • Rubber Stamp Teacher

    The article says it well..”Rubber Stamp.” Become a “rubber stamp teacher” or you will not get tenure in this district!

  • Anon E Mous

    Just suppose! What if the tenure concept in K-12 was eliminated for all staff? How might things be better or worse? Inquiring minds want to know, the rest can ignore the questions.

    Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. – James Baldwin

  • As a retired teacher and guidance councilor who has worked in several systems and received tenure in two systems it appears to me that the reason Ms Rosenzweig did not receive tenure had nothing to do with her teaching capabilities. Several teachers were let go depending on how long they were in the system due to the budget cuts and i would not be surprised if this was the real reason she did not receive tenure. No one has addressed this question from what I read.

    I know that Ms.R. did what she did to protect her reputation when she applies for another position as a teacher. It appears to me that what has occurred should be reconsidered by the board and the new that a mistake could be corrected and everyone would save face in light of this sad situation. Something can change and it is my opinion that in this community – it could be changed.

    Editor’s Note:
    no positions are being cut in the high school English department

  • Opportunity to rectify

    I believe there was another similar situation years ago, where the teacher resigned because she wasn’t going to receive tenure. One year later, she was rehired by another administration and given tenure. Let’s hope the new Superintendent will take this opportunity to hire Mrs. R, and rectify an injustice. Paul Fried and Mark Orfinger showed their true colors, rigidity, and poor judgment.

  • Dorine Watkins

    I have a daughter attending Mamaroneck High School and last year and this year some of her teacher’s treated her unfairly. Her grades averaging a 90 or better were effected greatly because two teachers had a different opinion about who she was as a student and how hard she worked to do well in school. They had an impression of her and they ran with it causing her GPA to drop tremendously. Nothing is done about these teachers that use their power to destroy children’s lives but here is a teacher that has enriched every child life she touched. My daughter has been one of the students standing tall to someone that became very special to her. How can these things go on?? For Mr. Fried I hope that you enjoy your raise but know that in many students hearts you will never be respected. Do you really have a clue of what truly matters as an educator? Mrs. Rosenzweig certainly did!!

  • Ken Welsh

    No one knows why she didn’t receive tenure. A bunch of school kids that know nothing about life got on the band wagon to influence the board to give her tenture. It is very possible that this teacher instigated this action by the students. The people who grant tenure are not evil. That had their reasons even if it had to do with finacial planning for the future. High school kids have no idea about the future

    • Genereux

      Nice comments! I hope you don’t have kids today and if you do in the future, you will certainly need to change the way you think. Kids are very bright, perceptive and they understand a lot more than someone like you gives them credit for – have you ever tried to listen to them? Really listen??? Try it so I don’t have to feel sorry for you in missing out on so much of the goodness in life. Kids today know a lot more about life than you realize. They grow up rather quickly in our media driven world.

    • Anon E Mous

      If HS students know nothing about life, our schools have certainly failed. It is unfortunate that little is measured and little is known about our schools, municipal government operations, and economics. But our national economic crisis has proven that ‘adults’ know too little even about the present.

      We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future. – George Bernard Shaw