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MAS Students Sacrifice Ice Cream to Help Haiti

After watching news reports of the devastation and tragedy last week in Haiti, the students and staff at Mamaroneck Avenue School (MAS) decided they wanted to do something to help. In particular, they wanted to do something to help children in Haiti that don’t have enough food, water and medical supplie

More Ways to Help

Cocktails for a Cause, organized by Haitian-American Mam’k resident Danielle Sajous Yergo

When: Friday, January 29, 7 pm

Where: moved to Molly Spillane to accommodate expected crowd. 211 Mam’k Ave., Mam’k

Cost: $25 donation suggested

Park: Parking allowed at Harbor Island Park


Pancake Breakfast for Haiti, sponsored by Mamaroneck Avenue School

When: Sunday, January 31 8-10 am

Where: Applebee’s, 640 E. Boston Post Rd, Mam’k

Cost: $5 per pancake breakfast

Last Friday, January 15, Principal Carrie Amon asked the students to spend part of their long weekend and Martin Luther King Day thinking about what they could do to help those in need in Haiti. Each class talked about the tragedy, what was needed, and what could be done. They brainstormed ideas for helping Haiti.

They knew they needed to do something quickly to help. Each class wrote a letter to Principal Amon detailing their many great ideas. Several classes suggested bake sales, car washes or lemonade stands, and one suggested selling pencils, with all proceeds going to Haiti.

One class suggested doing “Chores for Haiti” with all students doing their weekly chores and donating their allowances to Haiti.

Some classes wanted to collect water, food and medicine to send to Haiti. Kristie Almeyda’s Small Treasures Pre-K class of 3-year-olds even suggested “giving the kids toys from their houses, getting money from our moms and sending it to them, and riding our bikes there and working together to clean up the mess.”

Jennifer Saul’s fourth graders read the book Have You Filled A Bucket Today? A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids by Carol McCloud. The book aided them in thinking and talking about ways to help each other and ways to help people who live far away. Fourth grader Gustavo Segura mentioned that he had been to the local CVS to pick up milk for his mom and said,” thank you,” to the salesperson. Gustavo said that the salesman had a big smile on his face. That is a great way to be “a bucket filler.” Fourth graders Abhinay Sharma and Gabriel deNaurious said they both donated money to the school collection to help Haitian families. Gabriel said, “God smiled at me.”

Cameryn Conlon, 1st Grade, donates her ice cream money to help the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti. She said, "It felt good to give up my ice cream money because maybe it could help a whole family in Haiti!"

Principal Amon met with the fifth graders during lunch to review the school’s ideas. They knew that they needed to choose something that they could do quickly – so they eliminated those ideas like selling pencils, or anything else they would need to order. They also spoke about giving something without getting anything in return. Importantly, they came to the conclusion they were willing to sacrifice something to help those in need in Haiti. They would give up ice cream money all week long and donate it to Haiti.

So to and from lunch all week, students donated their ice cream money by dropping their dollar bills into a collection jar outside the lunchroom. And each day, the amount was tallied. At the end of day Tuesday, they had collected $253. End of day Wednesday, they had $403. And on Friday, they collected another $344. By the end of the week, Today, including all of the coins collected, the total reached $1,428.

“Every teacher at MAS has written ‘SACRIFICE’ on their chalkboard this week. They have talked about what it means,” stated Principal Amon. “The students decided they would make a sacrifice. They decided that they were willing to give up their ice cream money all week long and donate it to help those in Haiti. It wasn’t that they gave up their money and got nothing in return. They’ve actually gotten a huge sense of accomplishment – both in the amount of money that they’ve collected and in knowing that they can make a difference.”

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2 comments to MAS Students Sacrifice Ice Cream to Help Haiti

  • Anon E Mous

    We need more Small Treasures.

    ‘giving the kids toys from their houses, getting money from our moms and sending it to them, and riding our bikes there and working together to clean up the mess.’ – Kristie Almeyda’s Small Treasures Pre-K class of 3-year-olds.

  • Carmen Ortiz-Alvarez

    Congratulations MAS! As an employee and more importantly as a parent of an MAS student, I am so honored to be a part of this large family.