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Larchmont Second Grader Qualifies for Golf World Championship

Alice Hodge – LPGA pro-in-training and seven years old – has worked hard on her game to accomplish something huge.  She recently qualified to play in one of the biggest junior golf events in the world – the US Kid’s Golf World Championship in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

There will be over 1,200 kids ages 12 and under from across the United States and more than 30 countries.  Alice will be competing in the three-day tournament in August with about 50 girls her age from such far away places as New Zealand and the Czech Republic as well as many of the US states, including Florida, Texas and California.

Alice Hodges came in first at a qualifying event for the US Kid’s Golf World Championship.

As a result of all of her practice, Alice has won many first place victories and placed in the top three at the Jekyll Island Regional Championship in February.  On Saturday May 22, Alice shot a great score of 40 (four over par) and came in first place for her age group at a World Championship Qualifier tournament held at Glen Ellen Country Club in Millis, Massachusetts.

“She is a putting machine,” says Debiane Peter, a golf friend’s mom.

“Pretty good for a seven-year-old,” says Angela Garvin, a nine-year-old fellow golfer.

“I am so proud of Alice,” says her dad, Russell Hodge.

Her mom, Christy Hodge, says, “It’s amazing how much Alice has improved since she first started playing in tournaments a little less than a year ago.  She has improved her score by 30 strokes on nine holes.”

When I asked Alice about her game, she said, “I feel surprised and shocked because in just one week, I shaved six strokes off my personal best score of 46.  I just play my own game and do not pay attention to what the other players are doing. Now I’m even beating my dad!  I was so amazed that I actually qualified for the World Championship because I didn’t think I would do it.”

Alice is a second grader at Murray Avenue Elementary School in Ms. Marchewka’s class and practices her golf at Bonnie Briar Country Club on Weaver Street.

Caroline Hodge is Alice’s 9 year-old sister. The girls’ mom and dad helped with editing.

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17 comments to Larchmont Second Grader Qualifies for Golf World Championship

  • Miss Tracy

    Alice and Caroline clearly are both talented young women. It is heartwarming to see a nine-year-old express selfless pride in her younger sister’s accomplishments. What Caroline didn’t say in her article is that she is a good golfer as well!

  • Carol Weller Berlin

    Go Alice!
    As an alumna of Murray Avenue, I am tickled that you have raised the bar and redefined what local athletes can accomplish.

  • John Stewart

    Too cool! Being related to the family I know first hand that they have wonderful direction from their parents. Congrats Alice and I just know Caroline will qualify in the coming weeks. Russell, you might want to think about hitting the practice tee.



  • Great Job Alice & Caroline!! Keep up the great work.

    Jeff Carreira

  • Shawn Wright

    I am proud of you girls! Can’t wait to see you again.

    Uncle Shawn

  • Brackey Stewart

    Golf doesn’t get any prettier than this! Alice & Caroline, with those great swings and “pretty” faces, you bring a lot to the game. Keep it going. We all are so…so…proud!

  • John Hodge

    Alice, Congratulations! I’am so proud of you and Caroline.
    Looking foward to seeing you both soon.

    Grandaddy John

  • Brenda Cole

    I am very proud of both of you girls. Caroline, the article and support for your sister is fantastic!! You will probably qualify next.. We love both of you!!

  • Linda Blackburn

    Alice and Caroline – We are so proud of both of you. Can’t wait to see you play. We love you! Gran and Daddy Bob.

  • Congratulations, what an achievement. I’m so proud of my precious girls, can’t wait to see you both.

    Big Dan Lawrence

  • It is truly remarkable that less than one year ago you girls started playing golf and in that little time Alice has accomplished the US Kids Open. I’m sure Caroline will also qualify. Caroline, you did a great job with your article and I’m so glad Alice has a big sister like you to support her.
    I love you girls so much.

  • Cate

    Alice! You are my good friend and I am so proud of you. Alice you are a great golf player!So are you Caroline!

  • Samantha D

    Alice, You are really good at golf, I am so proud of you! You are a great friend to me and I think you will do a great job!

  • Beril

    Congratulations Alice, good for you!! Caroline , great reporting and you’re a great sister/golfer as well. Miss you girls.
    Love from Los Angeles
    Lara and Beril

  • laura

    The Larchmont Lavans wish a fellow golfer much luck!!

  • audrey

    You are both awsome at golf.You are both my good friends!