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In 2010, the Larchmont Gazette ceased publication. In 2011 the publishers donated all contents to the Larchmont Historical Society, which will continue to make the Gazette archives available online.

All inquiries should be addressed to the Larchmont Historical Society.

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Larchmont Man Arrested for Robbery With BB Rifle

A man brandishing a BB-gun rifle demanded cash from the proprietor of the Healthy Choice Fruits and Vegetable store at 16 Chatsworth Avenue on Saturday, April 10 at around 6 pm, according to allegations described in a release from the Larchmont Police Department.

According to police, the suspect, Jerome R. Healy, 46,  got $350 after a struggle with the proprietor, but he didn’t get far. The store owner caught up with him outside and wrestled him to the ground before Larchmont police showed up to separate the two.

Jerome R. Healy

The police had been alerted by several E-911 calls.

Mr. Healy was charged with second degree robbery, a felony. Bail was later set for $15,000, but Mr. Healy was still being held at the Westchester County jail on Wednesday, April 14. His next court date is April 27.

The produce store, on Chatsworth between the Boston Post Road and Addison Street, is not far from the suspect’s residence.

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6 comments to Larchmont Man Arrested for Robbery With BB Rifle

  • Ken Welsh

    Addison avenue always housed a tough breed. Since he lives so close to store that he robbed, you have to question his mental capacity. I say go easy on him and, give him 8 years

  • Violetta

    He didn’t grow up on Addison Avenue – he grew up near Murray Ave. School. in a “nice” neighborhood w/ a nice family as a matter of fact.

    People become desperate in desperate times….recognize it.

  • Joel Sanoff

    I grew up in Larchmont when my family owned a house there from 1950 to 1976. I went to Chatsworth Avenue elementary school, which borders on Addison. I remember a luncheonette on the northwest corner of Addison and Larchmont. A school friend lived on Addison. I used to cross it most days to walk to lunch at Fingers. I know that was a long time ago, but it is strange to read that ‘Addison Avenue always housed a tough breed.’

    Of crime in Larchmont, I remember Lt. Keresey shooting an escaping criminal down at the train station, after the guy had crashed his car during a chase along Palmer. I remember a couple of prostitutes being nabbed in their apartment above the stores on Larchmont between Addison and the Post Road. Who woulda thunk that way back in the early 60s?

    I was last in Larchmont almost 35 years ago. I keep up with the Gazette and am stunned to read of bank robberies and shootings. But seriously, is there really a ‘tough’ part of Larchmont?


    I gotta agree with Joel! I also grew up in Larchmont in the 60s and 70s and now live in Denver. We use to walk home alone from dances at the beach clubs at night. I remember getting honked at etc., but that happens everywhere. I think parents are just more protective now.

  • Redacted

    Tough part of Larchmont? Oh, yes. . .Addison Street is pretty rough. . .when the smoked brie goes on sale at the Meateria, watch out! Those soccer moms will burn you down for ten dollars! Lots of shady characters around there. . .there’s a supposed “dress shop” on the corner of Addison and Chatsworth. . it’s only open in the summer! Must be some sort of front for something. . I’m thinking they smuggle in the smoked brie. . .either that, or Russian prostitutes. . . I’m keeping my eye on them!

    And of course, you’ve heard about our Hell’s Angel. . .

    Oh yeah— Larchmont representin’!

    • Sushi Says

      Touche baby!! Very good…..and don’t forget….right around the corner from Addison Street – on Chatsworth Ave. was the notorious “Penny Candy” store – where it was a known fact, that children in my generation, actually swiped a few pieces of bazooka Joe or Jolly Ranchers w/out forking over a single penny.

      And this was just down the block from the Larchmont Police Station – the NERVE of those kids – not even able to come up w/ a few meager pennies for our efforts. Thanks God they did not shake us upside down – imagine all the loot that would fall out of our pockets……Sh-hhhhhh……. ;-)