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Larchmont Hells Angel Pleads Guilty in Carlton, MN

A Hells Angels Motorcycle Club member from Larchmont, New York pleaded guilty to a felony  in Carlton, Minnesota last week as part of a plea agreement.

Jeffrey Paul Amato, 43, had been arrested in Carlton last summer. Last Wednesday, he pleaded guilty to felony fifth-degree possession of a controlled substance and had charges of receiving stolen property, refusing to submit to a chemical test and driving under the influence dismissed in court.

Under the agreement, Mr. Amato is to receive a two-year suspended sentence, court documents showed.

However, Mr. Amato may not qualify for the suspended sentence – he has numerous felony convictions in New York. If he does not qualify, he will have to return to Carlton for an amended sentence.

Although hundreds of citations were given, Mr. Amato was the only member of the motorcycle club arrested during the club’s five-day annual gathering, which took place in Carlton last July.

The group reportedly plans to visit Gunnison, Colorado this summer for their 2010 annual run before heading to Sturgis, South Dakota, in August.

Article republished courtesy of Pine Journal of Carlton County. Carlton, Minnesota is around 20 miles south-west of Duluth.

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9 comments to Larchmont Hells Angel Pleads Guilty in Carlton, MN

  • Redacted

    I never thought I would read the words “from Larchmont” and “Hells Angels” in the same sentence. . .What’s next? Dogs and cats living together? Oh, the humanity!

  • Brad Garfield

    What an oxymoron!

  • Ken Welsh

    Does anyone in Larchmont recall him from prep school? I do have a faint memory of crewing with him out of the club.

  • Redacted

    Ken Welsh-this guy went to a private school?! It just keeps getting better! I smell screenplay!:

    In a world of privilege and wealth, HE rejected it all and became an outlaw biker! From prep school to the penitentiary, he lived life his own way! From kicking soccer balls to kicking rival gang members, he HAD to get it on!

    Straight outta the Manor–it’s ‘Larchmont Biker–The Jeff Amato Story’

    ‘scuse me, I gotta call Minnesota— see about getting this guys’life story rights! Jackpot!

  • andrea

    oh and by the way Sturgis is in in South Dakota not North.

    • Judy Silberstein

      thank you — correction made

      We are grateful for feedback that allows us to improve our accuracy.

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