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Larchmont Board OKs Bastille Day Block Party & More Summer Fun

A Bastille Day block party, a concert with a musical moose, and a camp-out in Flint Park are among the new summer –time activities announced at the June 14 meeting of the Larchmont Village Board.

After balking at a similar request at their last meeting, the board approved a multi-business Bastille Day block party for Larchmont Avenue, pending final clearance of traffic plans by the Larchmont Police Department.

Restaurant owners Carolyn Koster-Dilworth, Ben Aiello and Rich Perez petition the board for approval of a Larchmont Avenue block party on the evening of Bastille Day.

Unlike the previous plan for a June event, the Bastille Day party will involve numerous businesses and include both restaurant and retail establishments. Carolynn Koster-Dilworth of Auray Gourmet cheese shop and restaurant asked that Larchmont Avenue from Addison to Gilder be closed on July 14 from 5:00 – 10:00 pm. Joining her were Ben Aiello, also of Auray, and Rich and Melissa Perez, owners of España Wine and Tapas Bar and Tequila Sunrise. They were representing a total of 17 merchants who will be participating in the event, keeping their stores open that evening, having special sales, and sharing the costs of insurance and police staffing.

The Michael Nappi band will perform, as it did last year at a smaller event. A local jazz band will join them. There will be no cover charge, but “French-centric” and other food will be available for purchase. To add social awareness, there will be a booth for the Project Hope food pantry from New Rochelle.

In response to Trustee Marlene Kolbert’s concern about noise from the bands, the organizers said they would try to turn down the decibel level. They also assured her that things start to wind down by 9:30 pm, so the playing would not extend into the later hours.

A previous request by Ms. Perez and Polly Kreisman of the Loop was turned down by the board and later withdrawn. Among the criticisms of that event was that it would have benefited only two restaurants and there was insufficient time given for the approval process.

This time the group garnered praise from Mayor Josh Mandell for doing its homework, gathering signatures from neighboring merchants, contacting the police, and co-ordinating the entire effort before they made their request to the board. “I really appreciate the work you have done pulling this together and considering the impact on the community,” he said to them.

More Rec Fun: Free Tennis & Music + Camping + Bike Racks

Trustee Jayne Elkind Eney announced additional recreation offerings for this month, beginning with a free tennis scramble for adults, no permit required, in Flint Park, June 18 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm and a free tennis clinic for kids 5 – 11 years old, also in Flint Park the next day, June 19, from 3:00 – 4:30 pm.
In addition, on Thursday, June 17, young children and their care givers are invited, at no cost, to Music with Marcia the Musical Moose in Flint Park from 10:00 – 11:00 a.m. In addition to music there will be coffee, juice and snacks.

A new Family Camp Night was approved to take place in Flint Park on Friday, July 16 beginning at 8:00 pm. Parents and their children can bring tents and sleeping bags to Flint Park and spend the night. Due to underground pipes from the park’s sprinkling system, no tent spikes will be allowed.

“We know there are tents available that do not require spikes. If there is an extremely windy night, we will postpone the event,” said Mayor Mandell.

No fires are allowed in the park, so all food brought in should be ready to eat. And, of course, all trash generated should be removed afterwards to set a good example for a repeat event. Parents can sign up with the Recreation Department.

For those who like to hop on their bikes in this warm weather, Trustee Richard Ward announced that 6 bicycle hitching posts will be installed within the next two weeks in each of the two business districts. Since each post can accommodate two bicycles, “That frees up potentially 24 parking spaces,” observed Trustee Ward.

Kicking off the season of summer activities was the Mayors’ Memorial Day softball game with an all girl team from Larchmont coached by Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell facing an all girl team from Mamaroneck coached by Mamaroneck Mayor Norm Rosenblum. “We won by a squeaker, by only one run in the last inning. But we did it and I’m so proud of those girls!” exclaimed Mayor Mandell as he held up the winner’s trophy. As promised, Mayor Rosenblum treated the winning team and his own to pizza from Sal’s.

Higher Water? Rate Hearing is July 26

Following the lead of Town of Mamaroneck and other local municipalities, Larchmont is getting ready to approve increases in the water rates.

Mayor Mandell announced that there will be a public hearing on the increase in water rates on July 26 and 7:30 at the Village Hall. “We have had no increase in four years,” said the mayor. “Rates charged to us by New York City have gone up 5 to 15% each one of those years and the water fund is losing money. The water department is operating at a marginal level so we must now stem that so that we just operate at cost.”

Faster Curb Repairs, Please

Andrew Inness of Hazel Lane addressed the board with an urgent plea to speed up the process required to repair the curbs at his house to prevent erosion of the asphalt due to the unchecked water run-off from properties on the block. He explained that the curbs were damaged by heavy trucks and equipment brought in for a number of home renovation projects on his street.

The mayor explained that there is a rotation list for the repair of curbs throughout the Village assigned to the budget for each year. Mr. Inness acknowledged he knew this but he just wanted assurance that his name would be on this year’s list. The mayor assured him that this would be looked into and he would have a response before the July board meeting.

On the Calendar:
  • Leaf Blower Ban: June 1 – September 30
  • Food Drive for Food Pantry: June 22 & 23. Drop off food at Larchmont Fire Department
  • LMCTV is sponsoring children and teen summer workshops this summer. Call 381-2002 for details
  • July 4 races, Flint Park: 10:00 am
  • Concert: July 4, 7:15 pm. Manor Park, music by the Dixie Dandies, no food allowed in the park. Other concerts in July are in Flint Park on Thursday evenings, check website for details
  • Future Village Board Meetings: July 26, August 16, September 13
  • Village Hall Summer Hours: 8:30 – 4:30
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1 comment to Larchmont Board OKs Bastille Day Block Party & More Summer Fun

  • my 2 cents

    First, family camping begins at 8pm when likely the bulk of your campers will be younger kids??? Sounds a little late…

    And, curb repair due to home renovations should be paid for by the home owner, NOT THE VILLAGE and outside contractors should take care of it in a timely fashion upon completion of the work. Perhaps withholding the C of O would force the homeowner to complete ALL aspects of their project!! It should be neither a Village burden, nor take so long.