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Hastings Superintendent a Finalist for Mamaroneck

Hastings-on- Hudson Schools Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps has informed his staff and board that he is a finalist for the position of superintendent in Mamaroneck.  In what he characterized as a final step, the Mamaroneck School Board visited the Hastings schools on Tuesday, March 16.

The public information officer for Mamaroneck, Debbie Manetta, said the Mamaroneck School Board would not be commenting until the process is complete. She did confirm “that Dr. Shaps is a finalist,” and added, “we are in the final stages.”

On February 2, Mamaroneck School Board President Linnet Tse announced that there were three semi-finalists being considered for the position.

Dr. Shaps, 50, has been the superintendent in Hastings since August of 2006. His current salary is listed by as $235,434. Mamaroneck’s current superintendent, Dr. Paul Fried, 60, announced he would retire from the New York State in July, and has been hired to lead the schools in Montville, New Jersey. Dr. Fried’s final Mamaroneck salary is listed as $268,623.

Dr. Robert Shaps

Dr. Robert Shaps, superintendent of schools in Hastings-on-Hudson, is a finalist for the superintendent position in the Mamaroneck School District.

Reined in Budgets

A message e-mailed to the community from the Hastings board of education  on Monday, March 16, described Dr. Shaps as a finalist for the Mamaroneck position and said the board had “tremendous respect for the work Dr. Shaps has done in his four years here in Hastings, reining in the budget while fighting for high quality education.”

Dr. Shaps proposed budget for 2010-2011 would increase spending by 0% and raise taxes by 0.14%.

The message also said “we hope Dr. Shaps will choose to stay in Hastings.”

Should Mamaroneck choose Dr. Shaps (and should he accept), they will be getting a Westchester native with experience leading two other districts, one in Westchester and the other in Massachusetts.

According to information supplied by David Hayes, the Hastings public information officer, Dr. Shaps graduated from Scarsdale High School, earned an undergraduate degree in English from Hobart College, a Masters in Education from Harvard University and an Ed.D in Educational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania.

He was the superintendent of the Manchester Essex Regional School District in Manchester-by-the-Sea from 2003 to 2006 before coming to Hastings. Before that, he was principal of the Manchester Essex Regional High School and Middle School.

He began his educational career as a special education teacher, and then entered administration as assistant high school principal in Londonderry, New Hampshire.

Prior to becoming a teacher, he worked for a decade in a family business that involved developing joint ventures in agribusiness and technology with Eastern European countries and the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Shaps lives in Yonkers. He is married and has four children, ages 16 to 30, who attend or graduated from public schools.

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5 comments to Hastings Superintendent a Finalist for Mamaroneck

  • Anon E Mous

    A national search, by a professional firm, to find someone who works in the Hastings school district and lives in Yonkers. Couldn’t the District’s PR person have sent e-mail messages to administrators in Westchester instead. And perhaps now Hastings will do the same thing, although perhaps not, as based on the numbers quoted they are paying less for the Superintendent position than MUFSD has been and the Hastings SD has a 0% budget increased proposed for next year.

    So a modest proposal: As the Hastings Board appears to want to keep its current Superintendent and the Mamaroneck Board is interested in having that same person for its Superintendent, let’s share his services and salary. The two districts combined probably would not be the largest school district in existence, probably not even close.

    One thing kids like is to be tricked. For instance, I was going to take my little nephew to Disneyland, but instead I drove him to an old burned-out warehouse. “Oh, no,” I said. “Disneyland burned down.” He cried and cried, but I think that deep down, he thought it was a pretty good joke. I started to drive over to the real Disneyland, but it was getting pretty late. – Jack Handey

  • from nj with tough love

    uh-oh – Montville NJ just got all its state aid cut as part of the NJ Gov budget cuts
    and embedded link. Montville was planning to up the budget by 3 million $ , now they are in the hole for another 3 million of State Aid cut.
    Oh well, we’ll just put children first to get it solved.

  • Bemused

    Shaps may have submitted a 0% budget increase but he seems to have presided over even worse spending mania than our district. Attached article highlights $27,500 per student cost.

  • JKS

    I have heard via PTA sources that this superintendent is known to have a poor relationship with the teachers in Hastings schools and was not well-liked. It’s not just about saving money. We need someone with excellent leadership skills who can reinstate a strong partnership between parents/taxpayers, faculty and students.

    I have just learned that an excellent English teacher, Jennifer Rosenzweig, at the high school, was denied tenure. This despite the fact that hundreds of letters were sent on her behalf by her students, their parents, and the entire English faculty. If Dr. Orfinger continues to be threatened by excellent teaching and insists on promoting mediocrity, there will be little improvement in our high school. We need a strong superintendent and school board who can put pressure on him to finally retire. It’s extremely sad and discouraging to see us lose yet another vibrant, intelligent young teacher because of his incompetence and insecurity. We need a better administration at all levels at the high school, and a superintendent who is truly a leader.

  • Old Yeller

    I agree w/ AnonEMous here (although his sense of humour is questionable..) This search should have yielded much better results and cast a wider net – especially hiring consultants. The Hastings School district is not one I’d want to model Mamaroneck on – I mean, who cares if this guy went to Scarsdale High School? And has a Masters in Education from Harvard – his undergraduate degree from Hobart speaks loud volumes – Graduate school is much less indicative of a student’s academic prowess than undergrad. I just think this is a very schlocky choice in order to quickly fill a vacancy. The quality of education will suffer if this appointment goes through. Mark my words.