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Fireworks Paint the Skies At Larchmont Manor Park

Music by the Dixie Dandies and fireworks courtesy of the various clubs and communities that line the Sound Shore were among the treats in store for the scores of residents that flocked to Larchmont Manor Park on July 4.

Larchmont resident Keith Lew was there with this camera to chronicle the sights.

For larger image, click on icon at far right of slide strip.

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13 comments to Fireworks Paint the Skies At Larchmont Manor Park

  • helga bendix

    THANK YOU very much to all those who enabled the July 4th fireworks at Manor Park. It was a treat. I hope this will become a tradition.
    Helga Bendix

  • George Parthemos

    Thanks to the Larchmont Yacht Club for fully financing the fireworks in Larchmont Harbor that you enjoyed.


  • Joe Attendee

    The fireworks display over Larchmont Harbor was financed by a homeowner for his private party, not the Yacht Club.


    • No Apprentice

      Well that explains it. I couldn’t understand how or why the LYC would do such a thing during this economic Recession. Most towns and cities in the surrounding area are cutting back or even cancelling fireworks – so I didn’t think that LYC would add this type of unnecessary extravagance to their Club members expense account.

      I knew it had to be private funds picking up the tab there.

      Thanks for setting the record straight!

    • The fireworks over Larchmont Harbor were MOSTLY funded by the Larchmont Yacht Club. A Portion of the display was donated by an individual member of the club. With a record breaking turn-out this year, we can all hopefully expect this to be an annual tradition, as it once was and should be!

  • Eva Spelman

    MANY THANKS TO LARCHMONT YACHT CLUB for the wonderful display of fireworks for all to watch!!!

  • Erin Constabile

    Yes, thank you LYC, a great show once again. Thanks for starting this tradition for all of Larchmont to enjoy.

  • Lorraine Forbes

    I wanted to say thank you for the fabulous photos. It totally made my day to be able to sit in CA and enjoy these lovely pictures at Manor Park. Thank you so very much.

  • pobo

    Joe Attendee, you are incorrect, the fireworks were paid for by the Larchmont Yacht Club. The first year, the fireworks were underwritten by several members of the Club and it was such a success, the club decided to continue to provide fireworks, despite the expense.

    • Stormin' Norman

      Hey, How’s this: Will the real identity of the people/person behind picking up the tab for the 4th of July fireworks, please stand up!!

  • Beth

    I would like some credit to Larchmont Yacht Club, those fireworks were paid for by the club and it’s members. It’s not the Shore Club and definetly not Horseshoe Harbor. Thank you very much.

    • Phillip


      Why would the Shore Club or Horeshore Harbor YC pay for fireworks in front of LYC? If the Shore Club were to pay for fireworks, I would hope that they would be set off in front of the club.

  • bobo

    Where in the article does it say LSC or HHYC are taking credit for the fireworks??
    Have another Montesano.