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Election Shake-Up Felt by Those Running Unopposed

“I am very pleased to continue on the Board of Legislators,” said Judy Myers, a Democrat,  the day after she was elected to a third term without opposition by voters in District 7, which includes Larchmont and Mamaroneck.

Her race was an election night snoozer, but  all around her the bombs were going off: the head of her board, Bill Ryan, and the county executive, Andy Spano, both Democrats, were defeated by Republican challengers.  In Mamaroneck Village, the incumbent mayor and two trustees, all Democrats, lost to a slate endorsed by the Republicans. (See: Unification Slate Sweeps Out Democrats in Mam’k Village.)

Rob Astorino got 57% of the vote to Mr. Spano’s 43% and will become Westchester county executive. Janet DiFiore, a Republican turned Democrat, will continue as Westchester district attorney. Tim Idoni, a Democrat, will continue for a second term as county clerk.

Ms. Myers thinks the impact of the electoral upsets will be to heighten the importance of her board. “I think we’ll have an increased role – given a completely new administration and the challenges we are facing in the next two years,” she told the Gazette on Wednesday, November 4.

Her board will need to elect a new chairman for next year. But there’s much to do before then, said Ms. Myers. “There is a lot on our plate.  Before the leadership question we have to tackle the budget.”

She is predicting “a very difficult budget for 2010. We’re not even sure what all of the state cuts will be,” she noted.

Reaction in Mamaroneck

Newly re-elected without opposition for a sixth two-year term, Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Valerie O’Keeffe, a Republican, said she was pleased at the outcome of the county executive race.

“I’m delighted and hopeful that the new county executive can streamline county government and thus reduce taxes.” She added that “So much of the county budget is mandated by Albany that there’s not a lot of fat to cut. But there is something.”

Also re-elected without opposition was Mamaroneck Town Councilmembers Nancy Seligson and  Ernie Odierna and Town Justice Dolores Battalia, all three Democrats.

Larchmont Mayor Liz Feld, a Republican, is not up for election until March, but she was actively supporting Mr. Astorino for county executive as a member and spokesperson for  New Yorkers for Growth, which advocates for lowering taxes.

“The ground shifted in New York State last night,” said Mayor Feld, in a release the day after the election. “Democrats, Republicans, and independents in the highest taxed county in America came together to say ‘enough is enough.’ ”

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1 comment to Election Shake-Up Felt by Those Running Unopposed

  • Pobo

    As noted above, most of the county budget is mandated by the state. We all want our taxes to go down, I look forward to the decrease next year….how much less will it be and will he be able to maintain that decrease over the rest of his term? Because in my opinion, it is not enough to just slow the rate of increase. Services will have to be cut – which ones? I don’t even know what the county gov’t does, beyond give local control to mandates from the state.