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Elaborate Plans Unveiled for Constitution Park

At the April 5 Larchmont Village Board meeting, Jan Feinman, chair of the Parks & Trees Committee, unveiled an elaborate plan to landscape Constitution Park.

The plan contains a paved, tree-lined allée, walkways, native trees and bushes, play spaces for children and open areas for art shows and presentations. The design calls for a park for use by all ages. At this preliminary stage, there is no price tag. Ms. Feinman and her committee anticipate that many elements will be donated or obtained at cost.

Preliminary plans for Larchmont's Constitution Park

Over the years, trees and bushes have been removed from the park due to their deterioration. Because of the ensuing erosion and the increased use of the park for community events, Ms. Feinman received many requests to beautify this public space. However, upon examining the area she and her committee determined they needed professional help to solve the drainage issues.

The committee also felt the park holds a special status as a village square, since it is located next to Village Hall and across from the Larchmont Library.  This was another reason leading them to conclude the project deserved the added attention of a professional landscape architect.

Fortunately, Rivi Oren, a New Rochelle landscape architect experienced in municipal projects, was eager to work on the project pro bono.

Together with Ms. Oren, Trustee Marlene Kolbert and members of the Beautification Committee, Ms. Feinman and her committee have developed a concept for the park. They have determined that they would like the park to be a space for the community to come together for special events, for residents to be able to share time with one another, a place to meet, to sit and read, and, she said, “Most of all — a place to feel that you belong, and are a part of a beautiful community that values its open spaces. Rivi listened to our ideas and has given a far more elegant reality to our suggestions than we ever imagined.”

Rivi Oren explains elements of her design for Constitution Park to the Larchmont Village Board.

This is the first stage in the process. The Committee is eager for public feedback. Copies of the plan will be on display at the Larchmont Library and the Village Hall for public view.

“Such a park can only be built as a public/private partnership, like the Flint Park fields, ” said Trustee Kolbert. ” It can be done in stages. We will be looking for help from the community to accomplish this,”

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1 comment to Elaborate Plans Unveiled for Constitution Park

  • Philippa Wharton

    Many thanks to Rivi Oren, Jan Feinman, Marlene Kolbert and all who developed this very creative plan which will provide a beautiful gathering place at the heart of our village.