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Driver Cited After Town Garbage Workers Fall Off Truck

When two sanitation workers fell off a garbage truck on November 9, the driver may have been driving too fast, said Steve Altieri, head of the Larchmont-Mamaroneck Joint Sanitation Commission and manager for Mamaroneck Town. “There’s no way to actually know the speed,” said Mr. Altieri, “but there were some marks on the road that suggest he may have been going in excess of 15 miles per hour when he turned from Myrtle onto Madison.”

The driver, Steven Tornisi, was issued a summons this week for “excess and imprudent speed,” following investigations by the Mamaroneck Town police and Westchester County’s accident investigation unit. Mr. Tornisi has been working for the Joint Sanitation Commission for over three years and has no previous citations for unsafe driving, reported Mr. Altieri. Mr. Tornisi is still employed by the commission, but not as a driver.

“Fortunately, the two workers were just banged up and should return to work in the next few days,” said Mr. Altieri. “It’s a good time to retrain all of our drivers to understand the responsibility they have for the men at the back of the truck.”

The garbage truck has a platform on either side of the hopper.  The platforms are designed to have the workers ride on the back so they can easily hop on and off the truck to collect garbage along a route. The truck is not supposed to go any faster than 15 miles per hour when there on men on the back.

The Joint Sanitation Commission is continuing to investigate the incident.

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2 comments to Driver Cited After Town Garbage Workers Fall Off Truck

  • john henry

    the accident with the workers on the rear of the truck is only the tip of the iceburg, the contract with the workers (if still in effect) allow them to go home at the end of their collection route; this translated into the workers going at excessive speeds-driving the opposite direction on one way streets-crossing the double yellow line on a zig zag pattern to avoid driving up and down both sides of a 2 way street such as larchmont or chatsworth avenue. additonally, what is the reason for sidewalk basket collection on saturday mornings at the height of traffic on palmer and post road business districts with a huge truck and a worker [on overtime] when it can be collected as part of the normal area route?

    the safety of the workers and residents is paramont and the financial aspects should not be overlooked.

  • Barbara Barber

    I am not surprised, i was driving the other day on a narrow street past the Duck Pond and the Sanitation Truck came straight at me on the wrong side of the street and a car on the right side of the street!!! The truck made no attempt to stop!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is terrible, they drive on the wrong side anytime they want!!!!!!!!!!!!