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Contractor Nabs Larchmont Manor Burglary Suspect

An alert window restorer who detected an apparent burglary at a Larchmont Manor home undergoing renovation Thursday, April 8, grabbed the intruder’s car keys and ran down Magnolia Avenue pursued by the suspect until police arrived.

Larchmont police arrested Ronnie Riccio, 62 of Larchmont Acres in the Town of Mamaroneck, and charged him with second degree burglary, third degree criminal mischief and possession of burglary tools.

Ronnie R. Riccio. Photo courtesy of Larchmont Police Department

Mr. Riccio was arraigned and was being held without bail in the Westchester County Jail as of Wednesday, April 14. According to the Westchester County Department of Corrections, Mr. Riccio has an outstanding warrant for assault in New York City. He has been held at the jail before.

Devin Dascher, 46, owner of Albany Window Restoration in Troy, New York, had begun work at the Magnolia Avenue house at around 5 am when “I heard a clatter and some banging out back,” he told the Gazette. From the third floor, he saw a car parked on the back lawn.

Mr. Dascher observed a man carrying off one of the copper leaders that had been installed around eight weeks earlier. Mr. Dascher went to check, and saw the man “yanking and prying on the leaders.”

Mr. Dascher had his partner call the police and was exiting through a side door when the suspect entered the home through the back.

When Mr. Dascher got outside, the intruder also exited, walked past the surprised contractor and said, “How are you doing,” before getting into the vehicle.

“I couldn’t believe this was going on,” said Mr. Dascher, but that didn’t prevent him from jumping into the passenger seat and wrestling with Mr. Riccio over the car keys.

“Ultimately, I pulled his sweatshirt over his head and had the sleeves and the sweatshirt in one hand and then pried the keys out of his hands,” said Mr. Dascher. “That’s when he said, ‘Give me the keys, I’ve got a gun.’ “

Mr. Dascher sprinted off with the keys down Magnolia Avenue with the suspect giving chase and Mr. Dascher’s partner running behind.

About a block down, three police cruisers pulled up and Mr. Dascher stopped and put his hands in the air. “My partner said, ‘No, no, not him – it’s this guy,’” said Mr. Dascher.

Learning about Mr. Dascher’s adventure, homeowner Rina Beder was impressed. “Who knew when we were hiring Devon that we were getting not only a talented woodworker but a fearless thief nabber?” she asked.

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4 comments to Contractor Nabs Larchmont Manor Burglary Suspect

  • Ken Welsh

    The guy is 62 and he is still doing crimes. He has probably committed 3,000,000 dollars worth of crime in his life, but since they are all nickel and dime cases , he serves little jail time. Give this guy 15 years

  • Thomas E.

    This is a great story, lucky the window guys were not injured, very heroic. I’m sure the “Copper Kid” viewed these two heroes as a real “Pane”.
    Even better story is Ken Welsh leaving his sentencing recommendations in the “Addison Avenue BB GUN Bandit” story and this story. I vote Ken W as “Official LG Gazzette Online judge”.

    • Townie

      Thomas….Thanks for providing me with a good laugh today! I needed that (and I also submit my vote for Ken W. as our ‘Online Judge’).

  • Redacted

    What the . . .?. . .I leave home for a couple of weeks, and the hometown erupts in a crime wave! BB rifle robbery on Addison, this guy. . What’s next, some Wall Streeter getting caught not paying his taxes. . . oh, wait. . .

    Seriously, good for the window restorer, . .that took some. . .uh,. . .”stones”. .. . (Alleged) perp lives right near me, I see. Great.