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Black Dolphin Swims Into Mamaroneck

A black dolphin that swam into a small cove adjacent to Hampshire Country Club on Thursday, March 18 attracted a crowd and a number of good Samaritans who attempted to lead it to safer waters .

A black dolphin attracted a crowd when it swam into a cove at Hampshire Country Club. Photos from Donna Dickerson.

According to Donna Dickerson, who brought her four-year-old daughter to see the dolphin, it was originally discovered at around 2 pm by a couple of Mamaroneck High School seniors playing an unauthorized game of golf.  Friends, neighbors, volunteer firefighters from the Village of Mamaroneck and members of the media showed up.

Those familiar with local conditions grew concerned that the dolphin would be trapped in the mud flats that develop as the tide goes out.

Two teens tried using a neighbor’s rowboat to guide the dolphin out of the inlet and into the deeper waters of the Long Island Sound.

Two boys borrowed a neighbor's rowboat to try to guide the dolphin to deeper water.

Another ran home for a kayak. Later, a Coast Guard unit and two other kayakers took over. According to another observer, Debra Quintana, the boats slowly maneuvered the black dolphin out to the Sound.

“On such a gorgeous afternoon and following a stressful week of flooding, power outages and downed trees the dolphin sighting was a delight,” said Ms. Quintana.

Sadly, later that evening Ms. Quintana said there were reports of a dead dolphin mired on a mud flat in New Rochelle harbor. And Ms. Dickerson heard from her nephew in the Mamaroneck Village Fire Department that a another dolphin had died in the mud off Greacen Point Road, not far from Hampshire.

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1 comment to Black Dolphin Swims Into Mamaroneck

  • Acts of Generosity

    So Sad…..a beautiful sighting turns into a tragic ending. I suppose the storms turbulence drove them to seek shelter in the cove’s inlet – only to run aground on a mud flat soon after.

    I had no idea dolphins swam up here in the Sound – and this time of year is really shocking since the waters temps are still quite frigid in March.