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Archie Proposes – to Whom?

Archie is proposing to Veronica. Or is it Betty?

If you have to ask, “Archie who?” this story may not be for you.


Mamaroneck-based Archie Comics won’t tell which girl will get picked by its freckle-faced teen character, Archie Andrews. The answer will start to be revealed by the end of August when the company comes out with issue #600.

Archie wore saddle shoes and bowties in 1947. TM & ©2009 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Used with permission.

Archie wore saddle shoes in 1947.

“The marriage thing is going to go on for six issues, starting with Archie #600,” said Victor Gorlick, co-president and editor in chief at Archie Comics. “This is a milestone. “

Soon after  John Goldwater thought up the storyline in 1941 and Bob Montana drew the first characters, Archie, Veronica and Betty became mired in “the eternal triangle.” Ever since, Archie Andrews has swung between sweet, blonde, gal-pal Betty Copper and rich, brunette, sexy Veronica Lodge.

The formula continued when the production moved from New York City to 325 Fayette Avenue in Mamaroneck Village, twenty-five years ago.

Archie has lost the bow tie and the girls are in jeans or miniskirts on a current cover. TM & ©2009 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Used with permission.

Archie is wearing jeans and running shoes on a current cover. *

Archie got new clothes and the latest teen technology. But he remained just as confused about the girls.

Now Archie Comics is suggesting he will be making the ultimate choice.

OK fans, who do you think is Archie’s pick?

Or, more precisely, do you believe Archie will actually get engaged? After 67 years, will Archie Comics swap its long-successful love triangle for a simple straight story line?

Of course, in Comic World, all things are possible. Cathy, the perennial single woman created by Cathy Guisewite, did finally get married a few years ago.

*TM & ©2009 Archie Comic Publications, Inc. Used with permission.

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1 comment to Archie Proposes – to Whom?

  • Payton

    I totally want it to be Betty! But I fear it’s Ronnie. Everyone expects it to be Betty because Veronica is the obvious choice so Betty would be the one. But I think they’ll twist it around just a bit more so it’s Ronnie. I seriously hope not! Betty is the great one and Archie treats her like trash! But this might be the end of the comics because he chooses now…and the whole deal with the comics is that there is a love triangle….Archie…listen to all that love you…PICK BETTY!!! :)