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Larchmont Needs a Library!

Mamaroneck NY, March 14, 1922

To the Editor
The Larchmonter Times

Dear Sir:

I am, as you know, interested in the matter of a public library in Larchmont. Briefly stated, a few of the many reasons that may be advanced in favor of such an institution are the following.

  • First. A free library is an aspect of the community which carries with it an increase in property valuation.
  • Second. It makes entertaining unprofitable provision for leisure hours.
  • Third. It raises the standard of the community; builds up and betters the place of which it is a part; is a mental stimulus; keeps in touch with present day literature; gives the people wider vision thus keeping them from being too local-minded.
  • Fourth. Cultivates and develops taste for reading.
  • Fifth. It is an aide to the school by increasing cooperation between home and school. Also gives opportunity for library and to cooperate with teachers in their work with pupils.
  • Six. A library makes information accessible and thus diffuses knowledge. Through the library in your town you have access to the larger library of your metropolis and can obtain books on any desired subject. In this way the library is an ever-present helper to the teacher, the club woman, and the worker along any line whatsoever.
  • Seven. A library in a community favorably impresses the stranger, the sojourner, and to the family looking for a home, is an instant recommendation.
In conclusion, I will state that if possible, the library should have a trained librarian that it may more completely function. A trained librarian can direct the reading of patrons through suggestions, through a story hour for children, and guide them along interesting channels of reading that are profitable.

Very truly yours,

Arthur Z. Boothby

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