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The "Year in Review" interprets Larchmont history, year by year. Larchmonters speak for themselves through the news articles, pictures and official documents of the times. Larchmont Gazette's first year in review is 1922.


An Appeal to Larchmonters from the Recreation Commission

Flint Park Has Great Possibilities

Larchmont-Times Editorial Praises Flint Park  




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An Appeal to Larchmonters from the Recreation Commission

To the friends of the young people of Larchmont.

From the Larchmonter Times, February 23, 1922

The Village Trustees of Larchmont were among the first in the state to act for the young people under a statute passed last year by the Legislature authorizing the appointment of a Recreation Commission. The undersigned constitute that commission and during last summer they received the hearty cooperation of many in starting to put Flint Park in condition so that those rare acres could be made to serve the recreational needs of the people. Work, service, materials, and money were contributed in value of at least $2,500. Apparatus and games were procured, set up, and enjoyed by hundreds of children. A pavilion was erected and accommodations were made for the Boy Scouts and the Wolf Cubs who improved them through their own efforts.

This year it is intended to perfect the pavilion and make this building the center of Recreation activities. It is located on the high point in the Park, commands the best marine view in the village, and should be the agreeable resting place for the parents of the Village seeking repose and comfort during the heat of the summer.

A fine baseball field is in the process of construction. The excavations from the new Municipal Building and resulting from the new pavement on Chatsworth Avenue will be used to fill in the low ground in the park.

Several tennis courts will be laid out in the entire Park lands of upwards of 25 acres, the gift of Mrs. Helena Flint, will be made to serve not only the small children, but the young women and men as well.

We ask you to invest in this great enterprise, an enterprise that will put increased and permanent value in your own park property, and give to you in your children increased health, happiness and prosperity. We want $10,000 to put the enterprise on its feet, but we especially want some part of that sum, however small, to be contributed by each and every man, women and child in Larchmont.

Every penny contributed will go into the Village Treasury and will be carefully expended under the direction of the Commission and the approval of the Village Trustees. We have already been assured of several subscriptions of $100 each have received several at $50. We will gladly acknowledge any sum given to this cause. Do not hesitate to give $10 were even $5 if you believe such as a fair measure of what you can afford.

We have been asked by the Trustees to assume to represent you and each of you in this essential job and we await your hearty response and approval in order to go forward with the work.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mayhew W. Bronson
Josephine B. Gridley
Milton A. Jahoda
Emily E. Lindsey
William J. Moran

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