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Career Doctor: Marketing Is For Extroverts...Usually

Dear Career Doctor:

I am an introverted person and was in a job in an organization that preferred extroverted personalities over relative talent/hard work. I love writing, analysis, ideation and things that are creative. I also like getting to the bottom of issues, concepts and problems. I am fascinated by inventors and scientific inventions.

I am 30 and have a business degree and marketing experience, but am not comfortable going back to a corporate career event though it pays well.

I am very confused. Could you suggest some options for me?

B. White

Dear B:

It’s true that marketing is a field that usually attracts and promotes extroverts. But here’s the bad news: most fields usually don’t reward introverts who believe that their hard work will be noticed without their having to “market” themselves. The good news is that you may be able to help scientists, who often have an extreme version of this problem.

Your question reminded me of a time several years ago when a major corporation sent some of their scientists to me. They were brilliant, but quite introverted, shy and inarticulate when it came to speaking to non-scientists. They were also into their arcane world of research, that they had a very difficult time thinking of practical applications for their work. My job was to help them learn how to talk to people about their work so they could market it and themselves.

With your interest in science and inventions combined with your knowledge of marketing, I think you could do this too. I suggest that you compile a list of universities, corporations and foundations that are funding/doing scientific research. Some venture capital firms look for scientific and technological breakthroughs to fund. Perhaps you could find a job as a researcher/analyst. I don’t know the job title you would go for, but I don know that these are places that might be able to use your skills.

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1 comment to Career Doctor: Marketing Is For Extroverts … Usually

  • Toute Suite

    Science is CERTAINLY NOT the only field that quiet, shy or “introverted” people can go into as the Career Doctor implies….I can think of many career paths, including marketing as a matter of fact, where introverted or shy people can indeed thrive! If the writer had asked about Sales then I would agree, one must be extroverted – but marketing is not a field that requires an outgoing personality – some of the most brilliant marketing minds I know are quiet “wall flowers” but they allow their work to speak volumes in creativity, which is what they are paid for in the end.

    A quiet/shy/introverted person can be a librarian, a teacher, a nurse, an administrative assistant, a home builder, a contractor, a pharmacist, a jockey, a fork lift operator, a web designer, a programmer, a CTO, a database marketing guru, an air traffic controller, a wife of a Saudi Sheik (kidding, not really a career!) an actor (MANY are painfully shy and use the stage to overcome this) etc. etc. etc. Sorry – I disagree vehemently w/ the advice and assessments of the Career Doctor this time around.