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Career Doctor: Are There Good Jobs For Introverts?

Dear Career Doctor:

I am an introvert working as store controller but I am not happy. I want to study in a field that is right for me, but I do not know what that is. Any suggestions?


Dear Bianca:

There are many jobs for introverts: jobs that deal more with data or things, rather than people. I wish you had told me why you were unhappy or what level of training you aspire to, so I could give specific advice. But here are some general ideas about where jobs for introverts are found:

* The Arts: Introverts in the arts spend time with their creative endeavors, for example making art, editing film or manuscripts, or using computer-aided design programs for anything from architecture to product re-packaging.

* Medicine and Science: People who work in labs or with machines such as ultrasound or radiology usually do not have much people contact.

* The Building Trades or Outdoor Work: Farmers, groundskeepers, carpenters and plumbers, spend their days working alone with plants, animals or things rather than people.

* Computers and Business Data: The easiest switch for you to make would probably be into accounting, where there is great job demand. But this may be too similar to being a controller. Do you like computers? Computer programmers have to spend long hours unraveling problems with programs rather than people. Maybe that would be for you.

As you can see, there is a world of choices out there. I hope this helps you make a positive change.

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