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by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

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Dear Career Doctor:

If I make $30,500 in Lakeland, Florida, what would be the equivalent of that in Miami, Florida?


Dear Sarah:

Since I receive more questions than I can answer, I try to select ones with the greatest general interest, so my editor was shocked when I chose to answer yours. While I'll bet that few other readers are considering a move from Lakeland to Miami, anyone thinking about moving for a new job should consider the cost of living differential.

When I moved from Philadelphia to New York years ago, my husband and I both got raises. We had been considering buying a townhouse in Philadelphia, but discovered much to our shock, that we could barely afford the rent for a one bedroom apartment in a similar neighborhood in Manhattan. I wish I had checked out the difference in cost of living, so I am happy to tell you and other readers about a web site to help you calculate if a move makes economic sense.

Go to and plug your salary. The site doesn't list Lakeland, but it does list your closest city: Tampa. According to, if you are making $30,500 in Tampa, you would have to make $37, 615 to break even since everything costs more in Miami, especially housing. Just for fun, I checked out the raise you would have to get if you were making $30,500 in Philadelphia and wanted to move to Manhattan: $54,356! No wonder we felt nouveau poor.

The Career Doctor



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