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by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

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Dear Career Doctor:

I have been an executive at a large privately held company for nearly 5 years. The company was recently sold and I believe I am about to be replaced by someone my new boss worked with at his previous job. Does termination typically preclude exploring other opportunities within the company or is it best to start looking for greener pastures?


Dear Joanne:

Unfortunately, when new management comes into a company, they often downsize and bring in people they worked with before -- even when the existing team is a good one. This possibility puts you in a tricky situation: it's rare for people to be offered other positions in a company after they've been fired, but if you start looking around in the company behind the boss's back before you are fired, you risk alienating him/her.

Anything you do in this situation has risks. But here's what I would do: Go to your new boss and say something like: I really like this company and I've been doing a good job, but I hear rumors that you might want to replace me with a er colleague. If that's a possibility, I would like your assistance in finding another job in this company. Even if the boss says he/she can't help you, you have tacit approval to start looking within the company and outside too.

Whether you make this speech to your boss or not, you can begin to explore options at other companies, explaining to a potential new employer that you like the work you are doing at your current company but morale is suffering because of the takeover and rumors of staff changes.

The Career Doctor



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