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by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

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Almost every week I get a question about the medical field -- how to become a doctor or how to deal with the problems of being a doctor. Since these are usually not of general interest to most readers, I only run a medical column once or twice a year. Sp, I am answering six different questions in a far more speedy way than usual: three last week, and three this week. Unless there is a truly fascinating or unusual question about the medical field, I probably won't be answering any more doctor questions for quite awhile.

Dear Career Doctor:

Is 50 too old to become a physician's assistant? Dan

Dear Dan:

I have a friend who did it, and got hired right away, but she was far older than anyone else in her class. Check with the school you want to attend and ask about their placement rates for people your age.

Dear Career Doctor:

I'm graduating from a prestigious university with a biology degree. I'm not taking my MCATs until the end of the summer and then I am taking two years off. I'd like to work in a hospital or teen counseling center since I really enjoy psychiatry and kids. I'd prefer not to work in research (I've already done that and found it boring.) and don't particularly want to teach. Ashley

Dear Ashley:

Working in a hospital would be best, but a teen counseling center is fine too. I would select the one that sounds like the most fun to you. After all, you might as well enjoy yourself, before shouldering the extraordinarily difficult demands of medical school.

Dear Career Doctor:

Can you name three career options for a 50 year old emergency physician who also has a degree in Environmental Health and wants to change fields? Joey

Dear Joey:

1. Environmental protection, 2. expert witness in medical cases, 3. consulting with HMO's. Although, if you consider option #3, make sure that you will not be hired to simply find ways of turning people down for procedures they need. That is disillusioning as well as immoral -- but it happens all too often with HMO work.

The Career Doctor



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