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by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

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Dear Career Doctor:

I'm a psychotherapist with burnout. I live in a rural area. What else can I do with my education?

Sue B.

Dear Sue:

If you relieve your burnout, you might not have to find different work. So, here are some of the typical reasons for burnout and what you can do about it:

1. Boredom: People get burned out if they are in a rut, doing the same thing over and over. If this is your problem, learn a new specialty or approach to psychotherapy. Just taking on a few new kinds of clients or treating them with a new kind of therapy might perk you up.

2. Working too many hours/ Giving too much to others: A woman who worked all day with severely traumatized patients told me that she learned to avoid burnout by taking airline stewards' advice: put the oxygen mask on yourself before you try to help others. That means you must help yourself by taking relaxing breaks and doing something fun every day so that you maintain the stamina to help others. Perhaps you just need a good, long vacation or some fun breaks in your schedule.

However, if overwork or boredom isn't the problem, and you really do need a change of field, psychotherapists have been able to transfer their skills into teaching or human resources. In fact, almost any field can use people who are good listeners and creative problem solvers -- which is what makes a good psychotherapist, right?

The Career Doctor

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