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Dear Career Doctor:

What types of ways should I analyze myself in order to answer the following question. "Should I remain an assistant principal or not?" I am in my third year. I don't love it. It would be degrading to go back to the classroom, but I wouldn't mind it. (I think) UGGGG!!!!!


Dear Joann:

I have worked with many clients – architects, lawyers, business professionals – who climbed the ladder of success and were miserable. Why? Like you, it seems, they had entered their profession to do work they loved. But as they became more successful, they did less work they enjoyed and more managerial work they didn’t.

Assistant principals are often the school administrators and disciplinarians. This can get wearing. Before you give it up and go back to the classroom, however, do three things:

1. Look ahead and see if the work of principal will be more satisfying than that of assistant principal – and how it compares to classroom teacher.

2. Sit in on the classes you used to teach. See if it feels better there than in your assistant principal's office.

3. Make sure you will not be resentful about giving up the money and prestige of your current job.

If you do all three and still think you will feel relieved and happy about going back to being a teacher, then do it! It takes real courage and self-consideration to voluntarily step down the ladder of success. But since we spend the majority of our time at work, we should be doing something that makes us feel happy – not feel ugg!

The Career Doctor

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