The Career Doctor™

by Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez

Looking for a first job? Thinking of changing careers? Facing a lay-off? The Career Doctor™ is a Larchmont psychologist specializing in career counseling. If you'd like to ask a question of your own, use our anonymous form, and she might answer you here. Read more about the Career Doctor here. Contact information is here.


Dear Career Doctor:

I have been in my current position for 3 1/2 years (and have thoroughly enjoyed it), but would like to take on new and more challenging opportunities. What is the best way to approach a manager/director when asking for change?


Dear Pat:

Go to your manager and say how much you have enjoyed your work. Then say that you feel you are ready for some new and challenging assignments -- and ask how that can happen.

A supportive manager will try to give you the challenge you need in your current department -- or will help you find other opportunities in the company. No manager likes to see an enthusiastic employee leave, but a good manager realizes it is unfair to hold good employees back.

Unfortunately, not all managers are that supportive. So if you suspect that your manager
# 1. has no challenging opportunities to give you, and
# 2. is the kind who will be angry and consider you disloyal if you want to move to a different department, you could be risking your job if you ask.

If you do not think your manager will help you, here's another possibility: Try to meet managers in other areas of your company and explore what they do in their departments. Hopefully, one will recognize your worth and enthusiasm and offer you a position.

The Career Doctor


The Career Doctor™ is Larchmont psychologist and career counselor, Dr. Jacqueline Hornor Plumez.

Her office is at 90 Beechtree Drive in Larchmont, 914-834-1982.


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