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Dear Career Doctor,

I am a middle age woman who has spent most of my life raising a family and employed in a family business which belonged to my ex-husband. How can I find someone who can help me make a transition into the job market? I need help with a resume, looking for job opportunities and going on interviews.


Dear Mary:

You need a career counselor. They routinely help people choose and navigate the right career path. Plus they help with things like resumes and interviewing skills.

There are plenty of people who call themselves career counselors. The problem is finding a reputable, properly trained and experienced one. Here are two ways to do this:

First, some psychologists like me are trained not just to do psychotherapy, but also to do vocational testing and counseling. If you just want career counseling, they will limit themselves to just that. If you want personal counseling as well, they will be able to give you both. To find a licensed, trained vocational psychologist, call the Westchester County Psychological Association's referral service at 723-3030. The woman who will give you a referral is named Bobbie Gallager, and she is very pleasant and helpful.

You could also call the National Board of Certified Counselors, at (910) 547-0607. This is a professional organization for career counselors in Greensboro, North Carolina, and they can refer you to someone in Westchester.

You are making two major life changes at one time -- leaving a marriage and a job --so you are wise to get some support. A good counselor can help you make these transitions. Good luck!

The Career Doctor



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