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Dear Career Doctor:

I have been in marketing for 4 years now, having gained a BA (Hons) in Hotel and Business Management. However, I am finding myself unhappy at work and bored through lack of challenge (although I have changed jobs in search of this challenge).

I enjoy organising and have a love for travelling. I am 26, and although this may seem young to some, I am worried about re-training. I was thinking of studying law but will not qualify until I am 33. I am then worried about finding a job.

Please can you help me? Many thanks.


Dear A.:

I don't think your problem is graduating from law school and finding a job at 33. I think the issue is whether or not you would like being a lawyer. Having trained for one career that is not satisfying, it is important that you take steps to insure that you will like your new one.

Talk to as many lawyers as you can, asking them about the pros and cons of their work. Take a law or pre-law class to get a feel for the classwork. Here's an even greater test of interest: read a basic law text. If it seems interesting, that is vocationally significant, since it would put most of us to sleep.

As for getting more job satisfaction now, consider using your expertise in marketing and management outside the hotel field. Also think of using your knowledge of the hotel industry and love of travel in a business that services that field. For example, would you enjoy selling some product to the hotel industry?

There are many opportunities and paths you could take. I worry more about what you will enjoy rather than how old you will be when you arrive at your destination.


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