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Dear Career Doctor:

I have been out of work for a year. I have contacted people I know in my field, but that hasn't turned up any good jobs. I don't seem to be getting anywhere answering ads. Do you have any other suggestions?


Dear Lauren:

Since networking is the best way to find a job, it is discouraging to feel you have run through all your networking opportunities. But sometimes there is a network you have overlooked. Here are two examples that clients of mine used with great success.

One client was an active member of a church. On Sunday during the part of the service where people make announcements, she stood up and said she was looking for a job. She very briefly described what she was looking for and what skills she had. After the service, people provided her with three good job possibilities.

Another person obtained the membership list of the local professional society in his field. Then he sent a letter to all 500 members telling them what kind of job he was looking for and asking for their help. He received several offers through that effort. (Some societies/organizations will let you use their mailing lists or place an ad in their publications even if you are not a member.)

I wonder if there is some creative, assertive networking possibility like these that you can use.

The Career Doctor



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