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Dear Career Doctor:

I am currently studying my A Levels in Law, Geography and English.
However, I have absolutely no idea what I want to study in university. All I
know is I want a high earning job. Any ideas?

You are asking a question that many people of all ages around the world ask: What do I want to be when I grow up? Before I give you some advice, let me explain the English system of A levels to my American readers:

English students who want to go to a University study three areas in depth for two years when they are 16-18 years old. The courses they take are the equivalent of those in American colleges. Another interesting aspect of the English system: medicine and law are undergraduate programs - so students must know they want to enter these professions at a younger age than in the US.

Back to you, Sam: In England, as in most areas of the world, the fields of law, business management, finance, accounting and software development are among the highest paying. While pay is extremely important, I NEVER advise people to go into a field just because they think they will make a lot of money. Here's why: If the field bores you, it is difficult to maintain the enthusiasm and effort required to succeed. On the other hand, if you do something you love, it is almost always possible to figure out a way to make a good living at it.

So, Sam, I am going to ask you a question: What do you like to do? What jobs sound fun and interesting? The answers to those questions can point you in the right direction.



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