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Dear Career Doctor:

Help! When I started my MBA, I expected it would be easy to find a job in advertising or marketing when I graduated. I graduate in May and very few recruiters have come to my school. No one seems to be hiring. I've got big debts, and I need a job. What should I do?

You are not alone. Three prospective MBA's have told me similar problems in the last few weeks. It is a tough job market, but some people are being hired and here are some tips that can help you be one of them.

Network with everyone you know. Be shameless about contacting your parents' friends, your friends' parents, members of your house of worship and anyone else you can think of who may have a connection with marketing or advertising. Most universities will give you a list of alumni to contact in your field. They can be a good source of jobs and leads.

Read the trade papers and magazines in your field. For example, your school library or local library with a good business section should have Advertising Age and Ad Week. These report companies and divisions that are doing well -- and give names of people running the healthy brands and accounts. Contact them. Furthermore, by reading and acquiring current information about your field, you will be able to write a personalized cover letter, and answer questions well when you get an interview.

You may also offer to work as an intern in a company or agency if that might lead to a permanent position.

Most important -- don't give up. Persistence WILL eventually lead to an interview and a job!

The Career Doctor



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