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Dear Career Doctor:

I just graduated from medical school and I am thinking of not practicing medicine but rather going into business. The problem is I don't have any background in business. Is this a crazy impossible move? Do you have any suggestions on how to go about it?


Emily L.

Dear Emily:

If you practice medicine, you will end up in business. Hospitals are forcing doctors to realize they are in business. Furthermore, physicians in private practice are in their own businesses. Those who don't recognize that -- and those who don't obtain good business skills -- are likely to end up in financial trouble.

If the business of running a practice is not appealing, research the many corporations who hire MD's. For example, pharmaceutical companies employ docs in a variety of capacities.

I would go to department at your medical school that handles alumni relations and ask for a list of graduates who are working in business. This is a good place to start networking and getting information about your options.

The Career Doctor


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