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Dear Career Doctor:

I've taken various personality and career tests, and they all tell me what I already know: I should pursue either music or psychology as a career. I'm having trouble deciding between the two! I'm going to graduate in about a year with a B.A in Psychology and a minor in Music (Voice). I've thought about combining the two interests into Music Therapy, but it seems like I'd need a undergraduate Music degree for that, and at my school that will mean three more years. Id need a Masters no matter which route I follow (Music Therapy or Counseling), and Im afraid Id get frustrated by pretty much starting college all over again by going back to get the undergraduate Music degree.

Any advice? Thanks!

Nicole N.

Dear Nicole:

I would be very cautious about getting a degree in Music Therapy. Before you do anything more in that direction, contact Music Therapy programs that interest you and get hard data on the jobs that last years graduates found. Here's why: Most hospitals and clinics only hire people with specialties that insurance pays for. And, as far as I know, most insurance plans do not pay for music therapy. I may be wrong, but I think it is difficult to find a good position as a Music Therapist.

Here is another possibility: becoming an elementary school teacher. Creative teachers can incorporate music into their curriculums. And good teachers are trusted counselors to their students. With a year left before graduation, you may be able to get a degree that will allow you to begin teaching upon graduation.

The Career Doctor


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