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Dear Career Doctor:

I got a degree in biology (BS). At first I wanted to become pharmacist, but after taking prerequisite courses, I didn't have good enough grades to get accepted into the program. I always have a hard time in courses such as biochemistry, organic chemistry, upper level biology etc. I feel sick thinking about them.

I decided to enroll in Clinical Laboratory Science just to have something to do. (By the way, I am paying for going to school out of my savings.) I am almost three weeks into the program yet I don't like it at all, to say the least. I am having a hard time again with biochemistry, immunology, hematology, and parasitology, and more to come.

Should I stay with the program for the next four months to finish this semester? I might end up with some C's or D's, wasting all that energy. Or should I drop the classes and have WD (withdrawal) on my transcript. Please help me, I am desperate.


Tina T.

Dear Tina:

Why pay your hard earned money to be miserable? Yes, school can be difficult. And yes, people often have to put up with some pain to get what they want. But it is vocationally significant that you really don't like science courses.

Some people think that work (and studies) shouldn't be fun, but vocational psychologists don't buy that hooey. The truth is that the more you like your work, the more successful you will be. Why? Because people who enjoy their work think about the issues and problems they face on the job in a more positive and creative way.

So, instead of investing in more courses you hate, invest in some vocational counseling that can help you find courses and a career that make you happy. I bet you can even get that counseling for free at your college counseling or career center.

The Career Doctor


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