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Dear Career Doctor:

Please help me decide the right career path. I am confused about what are the hot technologies today and what field suits me. My options are teaching computer science, or pursuing a course in ERP, SAP or Oracle.


Dear Dinesh:

There is a big difference in the work and rewards of teaching computer science versus being a computer scientist. Teachers are people-oriented people who have technical knowledge. Computer scientists are technical people who must interact with people. Your first decision is to decide which you are.

Now, here is a confession: I am confused about the hot technologies too, so I asked a friend who works in the computer field. He says that SAP, ERP and Oracle are most in demand these days. He recommends that you make sure the curriculum for any Degree in Computer Science include Oracle, SAP and ERP training. If you are simply going to take courses in Oracle, SAP or ERP, make sure the successful completion of your coursework leads to certification in your chosen area.

Finally, here's something I do know: hot technologies cool down fast. So, whatever path you choose, it's important to keep up with the latest technologies, because knowledge gets out-dated so quickly in the computer field.

The Career Doctor


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