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Dear Career Doctor:

I haven't looked for a new job in ten years and I am nervous about handling interviews. Are there any new questions that are being asked in interviews these days? Is there any way to be less nervous about them?


Dear J.B.:

No, the same old tricky questions are being asked, like:

* Tell me about yourself. (Only say good things that are work related.)

* What are some of your weaknesses? (Only say something that is really a quality an employer would want, like " I tend to think too much about work when I ‘m at home.")

It may sound like I am encouraging you to lie, but I never suggest outright lying. However, I always advocate playing the "interview game" which is all about presenting yourself in the best possible light.

As for interview anxiety: expecting to be nervous and picturing yourself that way sets you up for failure. Do the opposite. Think of all the times you have met people and they liked you. Picture yourself comfortable with the interviewer liking you too. Also, write on an index card three positive things about yourself as an employee. These are things you want to mention in the interview if possible. While waiting for the interview to begin, read these things to yourself and imagine yourself comfortably saying them.

Finally, interviewers are not surprised when people are nervous. They see this all the time and actually expect you to be a little anxious. So don't worry too much about it.


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