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O’Keeffe to Run for Re-Election as Town Supervisor

Valerie O'Keeffe

Valerie O'Keeffe

Elected Incoming President of Westchester-Putnam Association of Town Supervisors (WPATS)

“I am pleased to announce my candidacy for another term as Mamaroneck Town Supervisor. Our present Town Board has been very productive and worked in a cooperative, non-partisan manner which has led to many accomplishments, especially in the areas of land use, the environment, and enhancement of recreation programs.

“For the last two years the Town has worked diligently to reduce our carbon footprint and has introduced the use of bio-fuels to our Town buildings and converted two sanitation vehicles to vegetable oil.

“I am particularly pleased with the sharing of services which have been accomplished during the last two years. The Town of Mamaroneck and both the Villages of Larchmont and Mamaroneck have worked together for the benefit of all our citizens. I am particularly proud of the consolidation of senior citizens programs. The Larchmont-Town of Mamaroneck Senior Center has consolidated during the past year with the Village of Mamaroneck Senior Center. The new center is located at the VFW on the Boston Post Road with a vastly expanded program which includes hot meals five days a week. In addition, the Town government has taken over the Section 8 Program from the Village of Mamaroneck. The Town Community Services office now provides social services throughout the Town and Villages and administers all Section 8 programs in the Town and both Villages.

“I have concentrated on working with the County and other municipalities and on flood mitigation projects as a member of the Westchester County Action Task Force.”

Mrs. O’Keefe has just been elected president of the Westchester-Putnam Association of Town Supervisors (WPATS) beginning in September. Last year she completed a term of president of Westchester Municipal Officials Association (WMOA). She has been active throughout the County on municipal government concerns, especially having to do with property taxes, assessment issues, and flooding mitigation projects.

She stated that the cost of property tax in the Town and the County has reached a limit where the average homeowner has become worried and in many cases resentful. “While our residents want to maintain the current level of services, we must be mindful not to drive retirees and hardworking families from our Town. While the Town is only responsible for one quarter (1/4) of the taxes paid by residents (School ½, County ¼), the Town has committed itself to hold the line as much as possible on taxes.”

Mrs. O’Keeffe stated projects completed in the Town include new traffic signals and the installation of medians at Myrtle Blvd. and North Chatsworth Avenue. These improvements were designed to enhance pedestrian safety and quiet traffic. Also, nearing completion is the construction of a parking deck for the residents of the Washington Square neighborhood and the eventual construction of a new luxury apartment building at Byron Place and Madison Avenue. She stated that all of these projects will need diligent oversight from the Town Administration. She said she was looking forward to working with the Town Board seeing that these projects are completed in a timely and responsible manner.

Mrs. O’Keeffe stated that as a member of the Flood Action Task Force she has worked tirelessly with Town and Village of Mamaroneck officials addressing the needs of the many residents who were adversely affected by the recent flood. The Town of Mamaroneck will receive a substantial grant from Westchester County for work to be done at the Larchmont Gardens (Duck Pond). Mrs. O’Keeffe has been in contact with Town, County, and State officials on a continuing basis since the flood to gain funding for flood mitigation projects in the Town.

Mrs. O’Keeffe looks forward to continuing to work on the complex issues facing the Westchester Joint Water works and its court-ordered obligation to construct a $60 million ($60,000,000) water filtration plant in the Town of Harrison.

“I am excited to start working with my fellow board members and members of the community on the establishment of a long overdue master plan for the Memorial-Myrtle Park to bring it up-to-date for use as a passive and active resource for our community.”

Mrs. O’Keeffe is married to John J. O’Keeffe, Jr. (Jack), President and CEO of the Ramapo Land Company. They have 2 children and 6 grandchildren.

Mrs. O’Keeffe holds a BA from Manhattanville College and a JD from George Washington University Law School.

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3 comments to O’Keeffe to Run for Re-Election as Town Supervisor

  • Anon E Mous

    Could we get a list of projects that were completed by the Town on schedule and within budget. Constant explanations of the tax split between the Town, School and County are of little meaning as all of these they are paid from the same money. We need fresh ideas befitting 2010 not 1950. We need new Board Members. And we need contested elections.

  • Jay

    I agree. We really need fresh blood in these positions.

  • Anon E Mous

    Judy for a write-in!

    Let’s not hold an election where the results are predetermined. Such is not democracy but woul be a waste of money that would lead to further wastes of money.

    Perhaps a publisher of the Larchmont Gazette would be a very good write-in candidate for Town Supervisor. We’ll have to see if she responds and if she’s agreeable.

    BTW, the anti-spam word for this posting is quite appropriate – ACTION.