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Mamaroneck Mayor Charges Dems Lack Platform

Editor’s Note: The following is in response to a press release from the Mamaroneck Democratic Party critical of the Mamaroneck Village Attorney’s candidacy for Village Justice..

The saying goes “Thou dost protest too much.”

Those in control of the Village of Mamaroneck Democratic slate and the candidates themselves continue to demonstrate their absence of any viable platform for the Novenmber 2, 2010 election, and choose to continue to stoop to backroom politics, that may best be described as desperation. Let’s look at reality.

Their claim of open discussion is one of hypocrisy as they supported the old un-democratic process of not allowing people to speak their mind at a Board of Trustee meeting during agenda items. The irony is they seem to be the first to drag their supporters to a meeting to take advantage of the very policy they fought against. The fact that in a short period of six months, not only has the process of government opened up, we also brought in one of the lowest real estate tax increases in the history of the Village.

The residents of the Village are streaming back with ideas to improve our quality of life and the success is available because the atmosphere of exclusion of the prior board has disappeared and been replaced with one of inclusion. The result is one that most recently was seen with the successful Mamaroneck Shares, as well as the Harbor Fest which would not have taken place without my reversal of the previous Mayor and board’s policy. The real statement however, will be in November when all these naysayers will be swept out of office by the people who know the truth and are sick and tired of back room politics by the political hacks of self interest.

Norman S. Rosenblum
Mayor, Village of Mamaroneck

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1 comment to Mamaroneck Mayor Charges Dems Lack Platform

  • Disappointed

    Does the Mayor ever take any time to read or edit these diatribes before he hits the send button? Once again he refuses to answer the questions posed by the Dems and resorts to nasty personal attacks and his usual tired worn out old rhetoric. The voters need to decide in November if they want to continue to give this Mayor a majority to continue to lead the village down a disjointed and confused path.