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Mamaroneck Mayor Blasts Dems on Call for Derrico to Resign

Editor’s note: The following statement from Mamaroneck Mayor Norman Rosenblum is in response to media inquiries about the Mamaroneck Village Democrats\’ call for Village Attorney Christie McEvoy Derrico to resign now that she is running for Village Justice.

I have not received any such communication as of this moment. However, such a request is one that is nothing other than political posturing by a group of individuals who are keenly aware that their positions and temperament are not what the voters of the Village of Mamaroneck support. This is nothing more than desperation by political hacks that have no real interest in what is the best interest for the Village of Mamaroneck. They turn a blind eye to the real fact that Christie Derrico is one of the most capable Village Attorneys the Village has benefited from, as clearly demonstrated by the numerous fiscal and administrative improvements she has instituted in a very short period of time.

The short sighted backroom political mentality, that such a request is based upon, would also demand the resignations of current sitting Democratic Trustees; and that makes as much sense as their silly and negative demands. Perhaps they would be better off trying to explain why they did not support the cutting of the Mayor’s and Trustee’s salaries during the budget process or perhaps the obstructionist manner in which they seem not to choose to settle the Village’s lawsuits and rather seem to posture in a continuous and negative approach on most subjects and in direct opposition to the continued improvement on all subjects during the past six months.

The economic and legislative times demands actively addressing the matters of government and improved services as well as the quality of life, which the current new majority of the Board of Trustees clearly have accomplished. Not the juvenile politics for obvious selfish goals while ignoring the best interests of the very residents they continue to disrespect.

This underscores and solidifies the national mentality of the “Ins are Out” because the electorate is sick and tired of backroom, self interested politicians. The best statement will be in November when these inane politicians will resoundedly be defeated and sent packing with justice for the voters and the betterment of the Village.

Norman S. Rosenblum


Village of Mamaroneck

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6 comments to Mamaroneck Mayor Blasts Dems on Call for Derrico to Resign

  • 4VOM2010

    It is disheartening to see that the mayor missed an opportunity to rationally evaluate the issue at hand:
    “Should the Village Attorney be allowed to run endorsed by any political party?”
    Instead, he opted to attempt to re-focus attention, away from the argument made onto the group making it.
    Very unbecoming of a leader!

  • Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum

    The interpretation of fact and conclusion by 4VOM2010 refutes itself in the politically biased attitude by the writer in which it is reasoned. If in fact the writer believes the Village Attorney should resign because she is running for Judge then does the writer, by rationale, support the premise that Andrew Cuomo should resign as Attorney General because he declared he is running for Governor.

  • Brook

    No, Mayor it does not follow at all.
    The Village Attorney is supposed to be offering impartial advice to the Trustees, Village employees and volunteer committees. As a candidate for Village Justice running on the Republican slate, there is at minimum the appearance of an ethical conflict in providing impartial advice to the candidates on the Democratic slate. For the next four months the Village taxpayers will be throwing away money on a Village Attorney who provides advice that few can trust as being free of partisan interests.
    You just don’t get it, do you, Mr. Rosenblum?

    • Disappointed

      The Mayor doesn’t want to get it. He politicized the position of Village Attorney when he hired the Town of Mamaroneck’s Republican chair’s wife, who was also an ex Republican Trustee.His appointee also had zero experience in municipal law. Now when she uses her appointment as a stepping stone to move up to Village Justice he cries that everyone else is being political and he isn’t.
      How have these shenanigans benefited the Village? Is it fair? Is it just? Is it in the best interest of the Village?
      The mayor has shamed the whole community with his childish incoherent rants. And I voted for him!

  • Chief Siwanoy

    “And I voted for him.”

    I did not.

    During the last Village of Mamaroneck mayoral election there were some people who argued that the then incumbent Mayor was not as ‘likable’ as the challenger and that this supposed difference should cause voters to favor the challenger. Whether it did, or did in your case, I don’t know. But it is important to keep in mind that elections have consequences and ‘likability’ is not a measure of leadership ability.

  • Disappointed

    True Chief! The Dems need to run a strong campaign this year to gain a majority and curtail Norm’s regime of “backroom deals and political hacks”. And may I add nepotism too. His administration has featured the hiring of a politically connected lawyer with no experience but an excess of upward ambition,and a trustee hiring his own son for a DPW job. Yet he has the nerve to classify others as political.
    “There are none so blind as those who will not see”